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Ep 066 Everything IS Possible with Iliyana Palova

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Apr 27, 2020


my guest today realize that a fulfilled life is possible if you make the decision to be limitless by overcoming your fears, eliminating your limited believes and following your dreams! Create crystal clear BIG vision, commit to do the work consistently and execute the plan. Unlimited happiness is POSSIBLE! All you need is Strong Mindset.

she wants people to know you can have it all if you develop a limitless mindset and have clarity on your big vision and she would love to support you in your journey.

here is what you will hear on this podcast:

  • the sweetness in iliyana that is immediately obvious just in hearing her voice
  • those moments when she realized that the life she wanted was possible
  • asking for what you want, removing the obstacles that keep you from having it and then opening up and receiving it
  • the challenges of poverty and the absence of her mom working to help the family and her feeling of needing to be independent to be able to help her parents
  • where does your authority come from?
  • what do you believe about your story? how do you think about? what could be more powerful than the life you are right now living? hear her realization of it in that moment.
  • the words we speak that rob us of the experience of our experience
  • what most scares her?
  • if you dare to look inside yourself, you will find everything you are looking for.
  • the reality about negative thoughts
  • how past thoughts recycle to recreate our current and future realities
  • fighting for what we think we should have vs accepting what we have been given and seeing the goodness in it
  • what do you do when new information comes to you
  • why in art does contrast make something beautiful but in life differences separate us and alienate us?
  • the gift we each have been given and sharing that gift with all
  • seeing the beauty in who we are
  • thoughts- words – stories- life
  • the courage it takes to get out of seeing the world we see differently, have the courage to be unique and find what will help us live a better life
  • see the world she sees, one that she wants to hand over to future generations and what you can do this moment to see that world.


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Ep 065 The Fail Coach with Miha Matievski

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Apr 26, 2020


In 2009, Miha had four companies go bankrupt overnight: landing him $5 million in debt. Contemplating suicide to escape the pain as he looked over the balcony, he had a life-saving AH-HA moment. He realized that failure was a normal part of life: admitting to himself that he failed and to recognize he needed to stop blaming others and circumstances. This was the turning point when he made a choice to learn from his failures so he could do things differently in the future and to help others. Since then, he has climbed back to create a business and scaling it to 8 figures in less than a year. His life mission is to help people develop a healthy relationship with failure. Especially entrepreneurs.

this is a longer than usual podcast, but I hope you find value in it and I hope it blows your mind. In this podcast you will hear:

  • listen to what happens when I completely blow the pronunciation of his last name, and how I want to restart and hear his answer
  • what would happen if you didn’t have to always be perfect and always get things right?
  • the problem with the failure is the emotions that go along with it
  • how he reinvented himself and rebuilt himself
  • from vacation to meet-ups to the magical moment that changed everything
  • how did he discover the tag fail coach
  • how marketers told him not to do what he was doing and how he decided to do it anyway
  • what every story shares in common
  • understanding when do we fail and the comfort zone
  • hear a new perspective on what failure means
  • the importance of tweaking the recipe
  • vulnerability,being seen and the fact that no one cares
  • comfort zones
  • the 3 reasons we fail
  • from emotions to logic
  • the importance of mindfulness and the 4 steps to emotional intelligence
  • feel the moment our conversation moves from head to heart
  • regrets, fear and failing
  • going through the fear of change, looking at your inner demons and just doing it
  • everyday doing the things you are most scared of
  • The Gardener, the daily fight against the demons and how to win the battle
  • the importance of consistent behaviour
  • product, market, audience
  • a life of no problems is not a happy life???????
  • the worry tree, when to solve the problem and what can I do
  • coved-19, a new found failure having nothing to do with what you have done.
  • finding what you CAN do, not focusing on what you CAN’T do
  • building a business through know-like-trust and then listening to what they need
  • the difference between a success coach perspective and a fail coach perspective
  • what we can see when we accept failure?
  • hear me trying to move him out of his comfort zone and watch what happens
  • being comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • how to listen to the personal message life gives and not only the global message
  • the biggest failure he has had since he became a failure coach and not seeing the signs that it was over because of the emotions that blind us , and the pain and it’s reaction
  • how the desire for something we want gets in the way of the things that will give it to us
  • if we don’t pull the weeds from our garden, we will be destined to always experience the same failure in a different way
  • the intellectualization of our pain vs sitting with our pain and cleaning it out
  • our failure as a person and the hole it digs making it harder to get out of our pain
  • intellectual understanding followed by consistent follows absorption in the heart
  • a beautiful example of a man looking at his situation and speaking of the happiness in his life and yet opening up the possibility that perhaps there is something he does not see.
  • do the little things and do what you can with what you have

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mihamatlievski/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matlievski.miha

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FailCoach

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fail_coach

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/failcoach/ 


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Ep 064 The Beauty of Remembering Who You Are with Renata Maniaci

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Apr 24, 2020

Renata Maniaci is an Awakening Agent – Conscious Content Creator – Podcast Host

A Columbia University grad and a former Fulbright Scholar, Ren went from full-on research, academia & science into energy medicine, massage school, and spirituality in under a year. Ren continues to make that journey from the head to the heart by allowing the soul into embodiment more and more, and assisting humans with their awakening process

Ren founded Hana Healing Arts LLC, a spiritual healing practice using energy medicine, consciousness clearing tools, and angelic helpers to serve in one’s awakening. Their company, Up Up & Awaken Productions creates transformational and conscious content designed to assist humanity through the awakening process.

Ren is gender fluid and uses “they/them” pronouns. They love spiritual humor, hearing about and sharing metaphysical experiences via their podcast Let’s Get Metaphysical, and assisting the return to Divine balance of the above and below, the feminine and the masculine, the material and the spiritual.

For more information, please visit www.renatamaniaci.com, www.letsgetmetapodcast.com, and www.patreon.com/letsgetmeta

what you will hear about in this podcast:

  • some of the assumed realities spoke of here will be new for some. whether it is new or not, allow the possibility of a new way of seeing the world to open you up to a new reality
  • see and hear how awkward it is to use gender fluid language and learn what is behind it
  • how we are approaching brand new paradigms globally around the masculine and feminine energy
  • the change of perspective that comes in the meaning we give to words
  • growing up without a dad, unworthiness, her mother and her step dad
  • that moment when Renata came out of “the closet” to speak the truth of their soul that we are spiritual being having a temporary human experience
  • a look at reincarnation
  • do you have the freedom to let go of what you believe and allow a new energy to enter
  • the absence of fear
  • the beautiful process of remembering
  • have a listen to what Renata is remembering as to why we are here
  • the grand awakening of this planet
  • the shift from form to energy
  • the shift from a 3D world to a 5D world and Renata’s experience of why gender fluid language is so important and other things that can still be uncomfortable in the transition
  • find what blocks you from receiving new information and let it go and allow new information to come in
  • what is one thing people could do right now every day to help the world get to be the place you want to give to future generations.

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Ep. 063 Freedom With Borders with Jeffery Davis

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Apr 22, 2020

Jeffery Davis lived the life he thought everybody’ wanted him to live. He owned property in one of the most prestigious areas in San Francisco and worked in media sales, at Newsweek, The New Yorker, was involved with several start-ups, and was professionally invested in a business that had nothing to do with his passion; until he couldn’t pretend anymore.

He was out of touch with his feelings and unable to even recognize many of them; and although he was able to attract wonderful people as partners, he had no idea how to be a wonderful partner or how to create a fulfilling relationship.

He was disconnected.

Through his own learnings he created a practical process for people to follow to dive deep into what has been stopping them from living from their heart and gut (rather than always from the head), and the tools to powerfully create the lives they truly dreamt of living.

if you want a life full of joy with a fire in your belly, he wants you to know it is possible for you, just as it was possible for him.To learn more about Jeffery, please go to:


Also check out his 12 week course, “Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom” which oyu will find on his website.

what you will hear in this podcast:

  • when was the moment that the life others dreamed of living was not the life that was right for you
  • do you have life upside down?
  • living a life where the heart is the CEO and the mind is its personal assistant
  • the success that comes from living in your head and the dissatisfaction that cmes with that
  • leaving a legacy of love
  • how to hear the whisper of the heart over the yelling of the mind
  • hear about the process that brings your to your heart
  • what part forgiveness plays in opening up and listening to your heart
  • the fear of going into the heart and how scared we are of being hurt and how do people drop that silo of protection.
  • how important it is to have a good relationship with your self
  • the story of The Gardener and The Process of The Mosaic
  • a question that will give you some homework to do
  • how Family Feud becomes the root of how your values create your life and how our focus changes or actions
  • an exploration of how to integrate all of our core values so that they support each other rather than force us to choose one over the other
  • the practice of choosing a word as a theme for the year
  • what does freedom with boundaries mean?
  • can freedom with boundaries help to relieve the fear of being hurt
  • the gift of heartbreak
  • the story of The Trashman and the practice of compassionate listening
  • hear how the juxtaposition of stories relate to eachother and how a=our thoughts create our reality]
  • the book “Letting Go” by David Hawkins that Jeffery references around raising levels of consciousness
  • the power of Breath
  • listen to the words you say
  • “a complaint is just a poorly worded request.”
  • one thing all of us can do – “practicing compassion”

to find out more about Danny, please go to www.DanielBruceLevin.com

and to buy a copy of The Mosaic, please go to: http://a.co/dvgsgG3


Ep 062 The Moment of the Feminine with Liz Lewinson

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Apr 17, 2020

Liz Lewinson is an author, speaker, technologist, meditation teacher, and feminist. She is the author of “Women, Meditation, and Power;” “Power of the Loving Man;” and “American Buddhist Rebel: The Story of Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz,” winner of four literary awards.  She is Vice President of The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.

She began her career as a freelance journalist and segued into Hollywood public relations, landing A-list clients in a number of entertainment sectors. Intrigued by the field of computer science, she left public relations in the 90s and took in-depth training in computer science. She was soon managing complex, multi-million dollar I.T. projects for top Wall Street firms.  She recently worked as the Communications Manager for an ombudsman office in New Zealand.  She thought she would live in New Zealand for the rest of her life, but the USA called her back.


  • marriage, divorce and the blossoming of a child
  • can a change of location bring out parts of us than another area did not?
  • what we have been told to do vs what we know is the right thing to do
  • what it takes to make a decision and stick with it
  • the hesitancy to allow change to happen?
  • is change good?
  • the blessing of Coved-19
  • what has changed for her because of Coved-19?
  • is it possible to feel the feelings of others, what it feels like and how to use the breath to center yourself and return to what you feel
  • the power of the media and the stories it tells that are only a small part of the whole story
  • whatever your situation, use this time of Coved-19 to go one retreat
  • how to be present in this moment
  • what we are doing and who we are
  • if you can’t go outside, go within.
  • meditation is just a word, you can call it Tide Pods when you are still and focused, watch what happens.
  • hear what she says to people who are scared to slow down to get to know themselves
  • is the experience of stillness scary?
  • what is the fear? and how to ask the questions?
  • how to go into the fear and walk through it
  • why are people scared to be themselves
  • what conditions drove her to start meditating and how she stayed with it for now over 40 years
  • noticing the bubble of joy
  • what she believes is the core in-balance of the world
  • why she wrote the books she wrote and what she hopes will emerge as a result of it
  • fluidity is power
  • is the male dominant world being asked now to stand down and allow the receptivity of the feminine to lead the world now
  • hear how the flow of her life and the changes she allowed to happen shaped her life and made a great life for her
  • life is made beautiful by earning and how it can be done all online now
  • what is the Lenz foundation?
  • the place you get to where you have lived your life and then choose to life the life that brings you pleasure
  • finding the courage to allow people to say what they say and still believe what your truth is telling you
  • defending what is right against the loud voices that what to destroy it
  • change is coming
  • what the one thing is that she would want to give to the world to make it a place that would bring the world to a place which is one we would love to give over to future generations





Ep 061 A Harvard Law Graduate’s Pivot Point with Julie Schechter

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Apr 14, 2020

Julie Schechter is a Harvard law graduate and relationship wellness expert focusing on loneliness, millennial isolation, and how we can foster strong long-distance connections with our networks. 

She is also the founder and CEO of Small Packages, a curated care package company that sends love when you cannot be there in person. Small Packages are organized by 16 different life-event themes, from birthday celebrations, to breakups, to simply saying “Thank You”.

Choose what kind of love you want to send to someone special in just 5 minutes at www.smallpackages.co

Julie’s work and opinions have been featured in numerous international publications, including The Everygirl, Elite Daily, and she was recently awarded a Visionary Women Grant by Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran.


What you will hear in this podcast:

  • The pivotal points that happen in life that change everything
  • Julie graduated from Harvard Law School and after a short time in a prestigious law office she realized it was not the right place for her to be
  • Hear about the misalignment she felt that she felt could be almost dangerous
  • When you are in a situation that feels a little off, you change small things, but when the misalignment is so big, I knew I had to leave
  • What to do if you are in a life that is misaligned
  • What it was about the moment that told her this is not for me
  • The warning signs and the physical feeling that makes the change unavoidable
  • What scared her the most about making this decision?
  • The two things that are crucial for getting through changes like this without fear
  • How important it is to love and support people and not have an agenda
  • The importance of cultivating your own personal board of directors tht you identify and listen to.
  • Growing up with a dad who is a documentary film maker and the rhythm of an entrepreneur
  • Hear about the common thread of those pivot moments where something just happens and you know it is time to change
  • Comparison to others, age and the feeling of not being where I am supposed to be
  • If you are worried about wasting time, the worst waste of time would be living a life you are not supposed to live
  • What would you say to someone who is asking I wonder if it is time for me to make a pivot
  • If people are scared would small changes do anything?
  • Building a business that could reach more people and give a sense of connection- the beginning of smallpackages.co
  • The inspiration behind building a business that answers a need and how to make it easy to give people the sense that they are there when they cannot be physically there
  • What would be one thing people could do right now today to help the world feel more like the one we want to leave to future generations. Hear Julie’s response.

To learn more about Julie, please go to: www.smallpackages.co

Or find her on Instagram at:  small_packages_co

Ep 060 A Micro-Second That Changes Everything with Michelle Kuei

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Apr 2, 2020

Michelle Kuei is a certified life coach who helps negative self-talkers to discover inner strength and beauty by overcoming fear for judgments. 

her story is a story of realising as she says, “Flaws are what make us human. Accepting our flaws and forgiving ourselves for our mistakes and reconciling those conflicting parts of ourselves is crucial to our health and happiness.”

she was permanently disabled as a result of a car accident when she was 11 years old. Growing up with this physical disability made her play small all her life. she didn’t like pictures being taken of her because she felt ashamed of her body. she couldn’t look into the mirror and love herself the way she thought she should.

She is the author of the new memoir, Perfectly Normal-an immigrant’s story of making it in America. Michelle was born in Taiwan and grew up in New York, but today she lives in Los Angeles with a short-haired brown tabby cat named Buster.

to learn more about her, please go to her website:


what you will hearing this podcast:

  • you will hear a story that would bring most people to their knees, but the way Michelle has lived with a crippling accident is both humbling and inspiring
  • hear about a transformational conversation that happened with me around her purpose 
  • and the challenge to be even more authentic and stepping into your true being
  • the desire to be normal and wanting to fit in
  • the spaces between the words 
  • hear the story of how she used her mom as a crutch and how her mom always put her first and was always strong in front of her
  • how anger and entitlement surfaced and how she resolved it
  • that moment when the car accident happened and who she was before it and who she became after it
  • what happened when the controlled person lost control
  • how something that happens to us changes the way we show up in the world and how we go from a regular person to being a victim?
  • what the victim asks and how they answer them for themselves to stay in the victim mindset
  • hear how she started to order people around and how she became entitled because she woke up everyday unable to move
  • how is michelle story remind you of your stories?
  • hear about how feeling bad about herself affected everything she did from job interviews to dating
  • allow it to bring up for you that thing that makes you think they won’t want me
  • hear about who it was the was really against her
  • what changed that took her from negative self talk to i can have a life i want
  • her anger at not being able to do the things her friends were doing and what that awoke within her
  • how she used her anger to push her
  • hear the story of how she challenged herself to do something she had never done before and how she threw herself into something that would allow her to be a part of the conversations her friends were having
  • hear how her anger became her friend 
  • hear what changed that took her from a mindset of i can’t to i can
  • how the desire to fit in lit a fire under her to do something no one thought she could do
  • the micro second that changed everything and the role of acceptance in her healing process
  • the story of cleaning off the diamond
  • triumph doesn’t need a big effort, it only takes o moment for everything to change
  • what scares her now?
  • fearlessness and the way of elevation
  • what did you say you couldn’t so a while ago that  you have done now and how does that translate t what you think you can’t do now?
  • the one thing people could do to lean into feeling less helpless
  • hear what she wants to say to the world that she has never been able to say before

to learn more about Danny, please go to:



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Ep 058 You Are The Dragon with Dov Baron

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Mar 21, 2020

Besides being a bestselling author of One Red Thread and Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent, Dov has been named one of Inc. Magazines Top 100 Leadership Speakers to Hire and as one of the Top 30 Global Leadership Guru’s. He has spoken to the United Nations, The World Management Forum (Iran), The New York National Speakers Association, and The Servant Leadership Institute.

Dovs humour and no-BS style is contagious. As a master storyteller, he is considered to be the leading authority on actualizedleadership. Actualized leadership means getting the result you set out to achieve in the most meaningful manner.

Working with diverse leaders and executive teams, Dov filters common bonds to create Fiercely Loyal cultures. You cant achieve loyalty without meaning and talent only stay when they feel they are a part of something larger than themselves.

In June 1990, while free rock climbing, Dov fell approximately 120 feet and landed on his face. The impact shattered most of the bone structure of his face. After ten reconstructive surgeries, no external evidence remains; however, this experience wasn’t just life-changing, it has been completely transformational. Dov shares how Dragons are born in fire, experiences that could potentially destroy you, instead can birth purpose, passion, and hunger to champion others to nurture the Dragon Fire in ourselves, our families, our communities, and our companies.Â

Dov believes the world needs more “Dragon Leaders” committed to living their purpose, standing in their truth, and empowering others to find their fire and do the same

what you will hear on this podcast:

* hear the story of how Dov Baron started his speaking career

* hear how a boy who was raised by a machinist, a sparky and a grease monkey turned from that upbringing like that into a  one of the most sought after speakers in the country

* fitting in or becoming a dragon

* enjoy the story of the caterpillar, the butterfly and the dragon

* for those who feel alone, for those who feel they don’t belong, how do we have the courage to be the dragon?

* hear about the legend of the dragon

* hear the story of the closet and trying to fit things in

* if we don’t deliver our fire, we will die without delivering our purpose

* is everybody a dragon?

* the alchemy of the dragons fire

*  the baptism of the fire

* hear the wisdom of joseph campbell above the cave and the treasure

* why do we push away what is good for us* what is freedom? 

* why are we so scared fo the very thing we want?

* hear a very clear beautiful description of the certainty of where we are, the uncertainty of the world 

* we know this, hear what happens when he goes underneath these words and captures something deeper?

* understand the pain of the identity crisis

* hear Dov walk you through the phases of life 

* what is the thing that allows people the courage to say i am not this, i am this. what happens in that moment.

* the story of the lady who would come to his wednesday evenings who saw him yers later and what she thought

* where does you power comes from ?

* the story of being present with whatever is in front of me

* the beauty of staying curious

* the world in evolution.  self awareness is the new bottom line

*start on the dark side, ask the basic hard questions. hear what they are

* 5 years of therapy ins 5 minutes

* my summary


to reach Dov, go to his Website:



email him: dov@dovBaron.com

or use his Social Media:






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Ep 059 A Global Human Connection Project with Traci Ruble

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Mar 26, 2020

Traci Ruble is a relationship expert.  She has been working with individuals and couples for over sixteen years in California and has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, and NPR.  She is currently working on her first book on intimacy at home and at work.  

Traci also founded and leads a global human connection project called Sidewalk Talk where over 7000 listeners sit on sidewalks in over 92 locations across 15 countries offering to listen about anything and heal our lonely and divided world.  Sidewalk Talk was recently featured in Oprah Magazine.




what you will hear on this podcast:

* hear about the environment she grew up in

* listen to her wound story

* how the assumptions we hold and very rarely what is true about the reality

* the piece that allowed her to lift herself out of the reality she was borne into

*  hear the lob over the net and what it meant

* hear how we create the thing we most seek

* the story of the annoying kid and diarreha of the mouth

*  the elisa story and what she was trying to say for what is your son trying to say

*  the feeling of exhausting her physiology to release the feeling of of stress and pressure.

* what changed for her in the movement fro running as a spiritual practice to running to achieve

* how her friendships helped her through her life

* what it means to repair with each other

* understand a whole new way of seeng connection

* hear the connection points we make that are not true, in the actions another does.

* the faulty assumptions we make and the acceptance that sometimes that will happen

* thich nat hahn, the trashman and the freedom that comes in letting go of the burdens they carry

* how she setup a movement to listen to people

* the beautiful moment of claiming who she is

* the artistry of the provocation of just sitting with another on a busy street with people hurrying by.

* thinking  through the process of just setting up 16 chairs

* what is the most surprising things she has noticed from listening to people

* find out what do people say most to  her and the people who listen with her

* listen to the story of her tour to the south with 7 listeners and what happened in Louisville, KY

* what would she say if she knew the world was really listening

* an intimate moment when she shares her big fear.

* hear about the kind of listening that melts away the attention giving speech and touched the depth of what really wants to be said

* the honor of truly hearing someone and the blossoming that happens when it happens.

* hear about the humility of seeng what we see as a reflection on ourselves

* find out what she is really good at. it just might surprise you.

* the story of the up-stander.

* the one thing she would suggest you do right now to help create the world you want to see


to learn more about danny, please go to his websites:




to buy my book The Mosaic, please go to: http://a.co/dvgsgG3

Ep 057 Surrender, Letting Go and Minimalism with Nathan Seaward

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Mar 17, 2020

born into a pretty ordinary life in new zealand, nathan lived in a suburban neighbourhood which was a 15 minute bike ride to the airport , where he would lay in the long grass and watch the planes fly a few hundred feet above him.

surprise, surprise.Nathan Seaward became a pilot and enjoyed a successful 16-year career flying planes until. his desire for personal development led him to become a  Personal Coach and host and creator of the popular podcast The Nathan Seaward Show. 

He believes, through the process of self discovery and self mastery, entrepreneurs can change the world whilst creating extraordinary lives for themselves and their families. 

He became fascinated with minimalism. and today i hope we will talk about “reducing all of the excess stuff”  in your life so that you can focus on what you truly love.  he has travelled to over 25 countries and coaches a group of highly motivated ambitious people who want to take their life to the next level. 

to learn more about him:


in this podcast you will hear:

* a discussion about the coronavirus and it’s global reach

* listen to the story of his parents and who he mentor was and the family he grew up in.

* the impact of growing up the way he grew up

* hear the effect of the way we grow up on who we become

* the feelings of loneliness and not knowing how to not be alone

* holding people at bay, but not letting them go

* the favours of loneliness

* the beauty of owning your own experience

* the discovery and power of inner child work

* witnessing

* what he would like to say that he has not said before and why he feels that way

* hear us share with each other what we don’t really say to many others

* how the way we grew up experiencing love is the way we love now even though we want to love differently

* those inflection points where we collide with ourselves

* what suprises him most in the work he does

* hear the story of what he did in liberia and what he saw

* what stops us from loving and accepting each other?

* the closed heart reality????

* why do we carry the stories of our childhood so completely into the life we are living now.

* the power of how quickly southing can happen

* the stories, letting go, and having something completely new

* maybe life doesn’t have to be so hard, maybe everything we want can come to us when we just let go of all the stuff that fills us. it is simple.

* hear about  the moment when nothing for him was going right and  he couldn’t make it right and what he did.

* hear what was the noose around his neck and then what happened.

* the difference between getting and receiving

* the shack and the mansion

* a discussion around minimalism

* become aware of what you are carrying around with you, when you can at anytime set it down

* hear his answer to the question i always ask to end every podcast

*the story of the 7.1 earthquake in australia that he lived through and how fragile the world seemed

* hear about the world he sees and why he wants to hand that over to future generations.

* just stop and breathe and see all the things you are grateful for that have nothing to do with coronavirus/

* from airline pilot to life coach- hear the why? 

the impact.work site that he is offering people for free




for his podcast: h

impact.work – a free training on calming down and creating space for yourself





if you ever need someone to just listen to what you want to say, contact me.