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Ep 027 The Power of Story with Kylie Slavik

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Aug 29, 2019

KYLIE SLAVIK calls herself an “accidental digital marketer”  with a lifelong obsession for story. That obsession took her around the world listening to some of the greatest storytellers the world has ever known to find the magic ingredient of what makes a story move people. 

She found it. And then shared it. One day she told a story that created one of the most successful campaigns in women’s coaching history. Since then she’s been reverse engineering why that worked and helping others get results using story. She can do that for you too.  In her spare time, she is working on ending human trafficking, and cleaning up the Oceans.


In this podcast, you will hear:

In this podcast, you will hear:

* Speaking a way that allows people to listen and listening in a way that allows people to speak.

* How to craft a story that goes beyond the silos of thinking and touches everyone.

* The difference between a story that has an agenda and an agenda less story.

* The power of vulnerability.

* understanding the pain of where people are and telling stories that make people feel safe.

* The story telling secret of the great brands

A must listen to podcast!

Ep 026 Fulfilled with Dr. Anna Yusim

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Aug 25, 2019

Dr. Anna Yusim is a Stanford- and Yale-educated, internationally recognized psychiatrist based in Manhattan.  On the Clinical Faculty at Yale, Dr. Yusim is the best-selling author of the book, Fulfilled, which was named in the 23 Life-Changing Books by Forbes Magazine.  

She has lived, worked and travelled to over 50 countries, published over 100 articles on various topics in mental health, and helped over 1000 people live happier, more meaningful life.

In the podcast, we spoke about:

* The meeting place between the provability of science and the unprovable knowing of spirituality.

* The power and influence of the passion of mentors and the search to find self

* The individuation process, identity and self and how do we own airpower separate from al the other voices in our head. we live in an interconnected world.

* Finding the voice of our soul admits the voice of our mentors, and pull of our success, and the way we protect ourselves with our intellect.

* Control vs. Surrender

* What happens in that moment of surrender?

* There is a force greater than us that wants to help us get where we need to go.

* Leaving the intellectual experience to the experience of the experience.

* The pain and pleasure of her Soul Mate experience.

* This is just the tip of the iceberg. Listen now to her the rest of this fabulous interview.


Here are her social media handles:



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annayusim/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annayusimmd/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/DrAnnaYusim

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annayusim/ 

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/annayusimmd/

Ep 025 Lifebook with Jon Butcher

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Aug 22, 2019

Our purpose is to create the highest possible quality of life we can, for ourselves and the people we love, while helping others around us do the same.” Jon Butcher


I had the great pleasure of sitting together on numerous occasion with Jon and his beautiful wife Missy. They were kind enough to have us stay at their home when we took the amazing Lifebook Program. Just talking to Jon again on this podcast re-inspired me to look at my life as a Mosaic. by integrating each of the 12 categories of Lifebook together to build the life I want to live.

While taking Lifebook, I had amazing breakthroughs and then returning home, I got caught back up in the day to day of my life, but the beauty of Lifebook is that the truths uncovered remain and now as i go back into it, i am recharged and re-inspired. They believe so much in the Lifebook Program that if you complete the online program, they refund your money. It is free with accountability. To sign up, go to:


Here are some of the things we discussed in the Mosaic Podcast:

A Transparent Confession: I gave Jon the right to edit out of this podcast anything that didn’t feel right, but not a word was changed.

Jon is an artist and he came from a family that struggled to be successful and grew up poor, but then after decades, monetized their craft to become one of the most successful commercial artist in history of the world, with his company Precious Moments.

The determination and commitment it takes to achieve success.

How persistence is the most essential quality an entrepreneur can have in order to succeed.

How to know when to be persistent and when to give up. How do you know when to pull the plug and when to bear down and push through it?

Hear how Jon’s story exemplifies that where you are at any point in time in only where you are at that point in time.

How, Jon’s soul mate Missy, kept the vision of Lifebook alive when Jon thought a couple fo times to give up on it.

Passion, purpose and the full circle of your life.

How when you build your life as a Mosaic, that is inclusive of all of the parts of your life, when you make a change in one area, your whole life changes.

His friend’s advice about how important it is to give back, especially when you have gone through something hard and you have the answers to help others get through it in their life.

A gift that works every time for every person.

The shift to allow someone else to help you and the shift from stagnant to successful.

If something isn’t working, do some thing different.

Opportunities come in the form of people. How the partnership with Vishen of Mindvalley completely changed his business. He was brilliant in all the ways we had gaps.

The discovery of Lifebook and a story very few people know.

The 12 categories of Lifebook

What it is and how it works

The 4 critical questions you ask yourself across all 12 categories.

The real power behind the integrated Lifebook system that allows you to change.

The Lifebook Assessment

To learn more, listen to this podcast here now

or on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-025-lifebook-with-jon-butcher/id1465338321?i=1000447485125


Ep 024 I Can’t Read with William Manzanares IV

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If not being able to read was a disease, it would be an epidemic.

Millions of Americans can’t read but illiteracy often goes unacknowledged or unnoticed. If you are the parent or teacher of a child who struggles with reading, you know the painful way that illiteracy steals their confidence and robs them of the joy that comes from learning.

William Manzanares IV – a member of the Puyallup Tribe in Washington state – wrote I Can’t Read to give the literacy conversation a much-needed jumpstart. William, who grew up unable to read and later learned he had dyslexia, overcame these obstacles and transformed himself into a successful serial entrepreneur. In this inspirational story, William shares strategic superpowers that worked for him in the hopes it will improve literacy for those who can’t read. The book includes personal anecdotes to inspire kids everywhere – especially young Native Americans – to pursue their dreams.

  • The situation you are in in just the situation you are in in this moment. It is not who you are.
  • It is amazing how little time it takes to connect when we let down our guard and connect.
  • From the time I was a kid, I had a self-awareness of where my parents were at financially, and even though I had no idea what an entrepreneur was, I always knew I wanted to go into business. I loved history and saw the stories of people coming here with nothing build a life for themselves and succeed.
  • What scared William the most was public reading. So he compensated by trying to memorize words and practice ahead of the reading by counting patterns ahead of his reading to only learn the passages he needed to read.
    • Every single one of us has a place where we do not feel good enough. William courageous speaks about his feeling of not being good enough, that he couldn’t do what others could do and the feelings he felt and continues to feel.
    • How at home, he tried to counter the feelings of being stupid at school by finding a way to make a business at home. Anything that had to do with business he was able to make it happen.
  • Advanced Spacial Awareness- the ability to picture 3D images and remember exactly where you were and what it looked like.
  • Many people who have dyslexia also have the ability to have Advanced Spacial Awareness. Hear the first time I ever put together how my wife never gets lost.
  • What we think of as our short comings, are some of the greatest gifts we have been given.
  • So many of the most successful people in the world are dyslexic because so many of the have other abilities that the other 4 out of 5 people in the world cannot do.
  • Plus many, many more points that come through this discussion on the feeling of not being good enough and that point where we realize that we are not less than others , we just have different talents.

For more information on Willian and the work he is doing, please go to: willtalksbiz.com

To find out more about me, go to: www.TheMosaicOnline.com

Ep 023 Video Storytelling with Jude Charles

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Jude creates films and documentaries for his clients that bring out the human story behind the brand.  His videos bring out the essence of who you are.

He is a story driven filmmaker. He has worked with Google, Caldwell Banker and Steve Harvey. He digs deeps to find the compelling stories no one else knows and leverages that for higher impact.

When Jude was growing up he wanted to be a police offer. He loved and still loved the adrenaline rush that comes from life and he wanted to be a policeman so he could be involved in high speed car chases. He also loved telling stories and writing these stories down.

Turning these stories into videos, his TV production teacher taught him everything she knew and suggested he start a video creation business.  Hear the story of the following day and what happened . . .

Find out what scared him the most and then listen to what comes out when he is invited to go deeper.

Hear the heartfelt desire to be supported and his journey to finally get the approval of those whose support he wanted. And hear what gave him the courage to keep going.

The struggle of the first 5 years and the key he found to get through the struggle. And then what happened in the moment he said I have to make a decision.

When he changed the questions he asked, he received different answers. Answers that helped him.

The 359 and how it helps us to see the world we see more fully.

Hear how the demons that try to destroy us can help us rebuild

It isn’t so much following what people do, but rather finding the why that drives them to do what they do so that it inspires you to find your why to do what you are meant to do.

Who you are and how you show up means more to people than what you do. When everything is quiet, what speaks?

This is just a taste. Listen to this podcast to hear a whole lot more and when you are intoxicated with Jude and who he is, please go to his website and see how he can help you achieve what you want to achieve

Go to: www.JudeCharles.co

To know more about me: please go to https://www.TheMosaicOnline.com and to buy my book, The Mosaic please go to https://www.TheMosaicOnline.com/shop

to anyone who buy my book from the website I will include the BeKind2U bracelet as a gift

Ep 022 Speaking to Transform with Erin Loman Jeck

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Aug 14, 2019

ERIN LOMAN JECK is the CEO of The Transformation Speakers Agency and the creator of The Transformation Speakers Summit.

She came into a conversation we had together asking “How can I help you?”

* She had such a desire to create a mission that would change the world and she realized that she couldn’t do this on her own, so she reached out to others and asked how she could support them in growing their mission

* As a child, she wanted to be a dolphin trainer and was a dolphin trainer in the Florida keys. Hear how the dolphins healed her from head injuries from a very serious car accident.

Hear how the lose of her parents created a program in her head that became her biggest fear.

How her walls protected her and took the hits for her, protecting her and protecting her people and how she was able to let “Nurse Rachet” go.  Hear our strategies for letting the walls that protect us rest.

Hear how the ability to be able to feel what other people felt became her greatest strength. And then how the stories that she created around her strength feel like a power she had, but wasn’t really a true power.

If I can fix you, help you, take away your pain hopefully you will love me.

Listen to her speak about her lack of self esteem and the judgements she would feel and internalise and convince her that she was stupid.

The effect vibrationally of the thought I am not good enough on the talks they give with their mouth.

The 4 parts of compelling communication:

  1. Non Verbal 50% of what people pick up is the presence you bring into the room. If you are tense and nervous, the audience hears you have something to hide. Who you are, actually communicates the opposite of what you are saying and then nothing is heard. Fascinating realization  The fear of being judged, criticized and ridiculed. Some of the most powerful leaders we have known have been shot and taken out for their message. Some people will not like your message, and that’s ok. How the fear we feel gets in the way of us doing what we know we have to do.
  1. Vocal Tonality – 35 %When we do not change our tonality and pace, what we say gets lost. And how this awakens another part of the human brain.
  2. The telling of your story. 13% When your story unlocks the listeners story, that is where true bonding happens. and how to awaken the feelings of people.
  3. The Words only account for 7%. It isn’t what you say, it is how you say it.

To hear more, please listen to this podcast!!!!!

TransformationalSpeakersSummit.com – Palm Springs, Ca September 19-21 please join us for this event.  If you type in SPEAKERS in the coupon code area, you will get 50% off the price of the program.

To learn more about Erin, please go to ErinLomanJeck.com

To learn more about Danny or The Mosaic, please go to: https:// www.TheMosaicOnline.com

Ep 021 Walking to Listen with Andrew Forsthoefel

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Aug 5, 2019

Andrew Forsthoefel is a writer, speaker, and peace activist After graduating from Middlebury College, he was ready to begin his adult life, but didn’t know how. 

So he decided to take a cross-country quest in search of guidance. His goal was to see everyone he met as his guide.

In the year that followed, he faced an Appalachian winter and a Mojave summer. and as challenging as those both were they paled in comparison to the beasts he met inside himself: fear, loneliness, doubt. 

Thought he was advised to not trust anyone, he encountered incredible kindness from strangers of all all races and economics. Thousands shared their stories with him, sometimes confiding their prejudices, too. Often he didn’t know how to respond. 

He wanted to know how to find unity in diversity? How to stay connected, even as fear works to tear us apart? He listened for answers that he hoped would come until he began to find that the answers might be in listening itself.

After his year-long walk across America, Andrew began sharing the stories of the people he met. 

He co-produced a radio documentary about this project that was featured on “This American Life,” and wrote his book, Walking to Listen, which goes deeper into the stories and explores the practice and philosophy of walking to listen.

Andrew now writes and speaks about the discipline of trustworthy listening and its role in the work of reconciliation, transformational resistance, and peace-making at the personal and collective levels. He gives workshops and trains participants in the work of becoming a trustworthy listener. 

So much of who he is is a younger version who i am as the moment i finished my book one year ago, i felt to out on the road and be with the people no one listens too.


Topic we spoke about:

* How Andrew reminds me of Mo, the main character in my book The Mosaic, and a younger version of me.

* Even as an 8th grader, it seems somehow Andrew had an instinct that he would be walking to do something in the world.

* The cookie cutter of normal vs the unique expression of being your true self and the confusion that comes when we don’t fit in.

* What was the thing Andrew was most scared of?

* Whose life will I be living if I don’t know myself. Whose life will I be living if I don’t know myself?

* In a world where you listened to others, did you ever feel listened to? And did you ever really allow yourself to be listened to and seen in the pain you were walking with?

* To really share your vulnerability can be really scary.

*  How Andrew could listen and be there for others when he didn’t trust others to listen to him.

* How people on the walk and everywhere taught Andrew to listen?

* How people experienced being listened to by a trustworthy listener?

* The practice of being alone allowed me to see some part of me in every one I met, and the process of encountering myself everyday walking by myself across the country and getting in touch with my hearts capacity to feel.

* The courage to deal with the inner demons you met along the way.

* Experience the miracle of encountering another human being.

* Understanding the magic that comes when we realise we can’t do this alone.

* How the journey of 4,000 miles comes into today’s moment.

* The BeKind2U 21 day Consecutive Day Challenge

* How do you reconcile now that you speak about listening more than doing your practice of listening?

To learn more about Andrew, please go to his website:


Ep 020: Chant The Name of God with Tina Malia

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Jul 21, 2019

This is a must listen to podcast. Tina and I jump right into a conversation that seems so easy and yet within each story there are big lessons for all of us to hear.

* Raised in the suburbs of Denver, her mom gave her the precision of a concert pianist and her dad gave her the freedom and compassion of friendship. She was raised as many of us were thinking that her path was to go to school, college, get married and find a career, but none of that resonated with her.

* depression and its role in the development of her entire life

* no mater where you are, you are not there always, just there now.

* we have become removed from some of the things that inherently bring us peace. this is a story of a round peg that never fit into a square hole and she had the courage to find the place where she belonged.

* seeing the world she was in didn’t seem to feel comfortable, she picked up and drove her minivan to California to be where the people who wrote books she read lived and she met Jai Uttal and was invited to sing with him and join his newly formed group “The Love Pagan Orchestra”.

* Her dance with depression and the vibration that elevates us above problems and differences is why you want to jump in right now and listen to this podcast.

Tina Malia is a musical visionary in the world, dream pop and sacred chant communities, who embraces the heart through original compositions that elate and inspire. 

Her all-encompassing worldview and artistic perspective have led Tina to collaborations with iconic artists such as India.Arie, Deva Premal & Miten, Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Idan Raichel, Bassnectar, and Kenny Loggins.  Tina’s prodigious talent is evidenced by her self-produced catalog of albums: Shores of Avalon, Jaya Bhagavan, The Silent Awakening, The Lost Frontier, Bridge to Vallabhaand Anahata.

Thrilled to be bringing her musical inspiration for the first time to Uddevalla, Malia reflects,   “Music, through its sheer beauty, has the power to free the heart, uplift the soul and connect communities all over the world.  When we gather together to sing, dance, pray and remember our connection to life and one another, we are touched by the simple act of love moving through sound.  I can not think of a better way to spend my time than sharing this joy.” 

Winner of four Global Peace Song Awards, Malia’s music has been acclaimed by audiences the world over, radio, press and industry tastemakers, including Echoes’ John Diliberto, Kenny Loggins, Jai Uttal, Bassnectar, Yoga Journal, Zone Music Reporter,Music Connection and Huffington Post.  

Website: www.tinamalia.com.  

to listen to and buy her music, go to:



Ep 019: The Science of Perception with Beau Lotto

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Jul 21, 2019

In this episode, we jumped right in to a conversation that just spontaneously evolves.

* to the idea that the way we perceive the world is just that, the way WE SEE the world, not the world that is. We will talk about why Beau thinks this is.

* we see the world that is useful for us to see

* His third Ted Talk and how it feels to feel small but fundamentally connected to the world around you. He calls it “awe.”

* We evolve to be social. We would die if we were not.

* The fear of not knowing. To be in uncertainty is a bad thing to be because you increase the chance of dying. His lab looks at the adaptive experience of certain and uncertainty.

* When you watch people’s behavior, we create environments that are predictable. we walk the on the same side of the street, eat the same foods, and do the things that are pretty predictable.

* enough little hints, jump into the show now and listen to our conversation. i think ti will stimulate your thoughts and invite you to experience a new experience. i hope you enjoy it.

Dr. Beau Lotto is a neuroscientist and world-renowned expert in perception. His research explores the ways in which we experience the world through our own versions of reality. As Beau puts it, “the brain never sees the world as it actually is, only the world that is useful to see.” By illuminating these principles of perception he has helped individuals and companies transform their approach to creativity and innovation.

Beau is a three-time main stage TED speaker. He has spoken at the G8, Google’s Zeitgest, Wired, Oslo Freedom Forum, Big Thinkand contributed to the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix and PBS.

His company, The Lab of Misfits is an experiential research lab comprised of leading neuroscientists, artists and technologists whose mission is to understand why we perceive the world the way we do, and apply that understanding to enabling others to see differently.

Our perspective and process provide insight and value to brands, people, audiences and organizations.

Website 1: http://labofmisfits.com

Website 2: https://www.beaulotto.com

Amazon link to Beau’s book Deviate: https://www.amazon.com/Deviate-Science-Differently-Beau-Lotto-dp-0316300195/dp/0316300195/ref=mt_hardcover?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1563673030

Ep 018: A Portrait of the Soul

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Download Episode!

I am always amazed to hear the stories behind the stories. And this interview will not disappoint.

On the outside, Siddiqi Ray has become an internationally acclaimed photographer, inspirational speaker, and coach whose work merges intuition, creative vision and pragmatic analysis to help people come into their own power, connect authentically and build trust through visibility. Siddiqi has worked for over thirty years with entrepreneurs, Forbes 100 listed corporations and billionaires, world business and spiritual leaders including some notable names: The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, several members of the Kennedy Family, and an underwater series of the Navy SEALS.

But that is not always who she was. Her story is even more interesting. Raised in a family that believed in the power and guidance of a sixth sense intuition, when she showed her ability and spoke what she saw, she was severely punished.

No one listened to her and it caused her to enter a deep depression and was put into an institution to try to help her. But she didn’t need help, she was not crazy. Yes she heard voices, but these voices were voices of guidance and truth.

Siddiqi uses this ability now to communicate with the highest nature of the person she photographs and the photographed person walks away with a picture that shows a glimpse of who they really are.

Her work allows us to see ourselves and have a record that we can bring into view whenever we doubt who we really are.