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Ep 088 500 Lunch with 500 Strangers with Nick Bendel

Jul 21, 2020

i don’t even know how Nick came across my awareness, but the minute I heard about what he was doing, something ignited in me. you see, i had been planning to take a trip around the world to sit with people who did not feel heard and listen to them. i wanted to hear what people would say if someone cared enough to listen to them. i wanted to sit on street corners, government offices, homeless shelters, placesI of worship, bookstores, cafes and truck stops. I wanted to visit strangers in hospitals and talk with CEO’s and entrepreneurs, sit with families and children in schools, i wanted to sit with the homeless and with people who had beautiful homes and ask them some questions and just listen to their answers.

but i was scared. my body had gotten older and it was carrying a lot of pain and i was no longer that 18 year old kid who hitchiked around the world’s was now a 65 year old man who was a whole lot less spontaneous than i wanted to admit i was and was looking for companies to sponsor my trip. i was looking for a car company to sponsor my vehicle and a hotel company to let me stay overnight in rooms that were not booked, or a train company that would be willing to let me ride across the country and speak with people on the trains. all great ideas, but what i realized is they were covering up my fear of getting out there and doing it.

so i made a decision, i would leave march 1,2020 no matter what.  in judaism they have a great saying, “Man plans and God laughs”.  weeks beforemy departure date, Coved -19 entered our collective lives and no one was going anywhere.

so when i heard about nick and hs mission to have 500 lunches with 500 strangers, i had to have him on the show and i had to do what he was doing. and thus i started 50 conversations with 50 strangers (o listen to those conversations, please go to my YouTube channel: to subscribe to my YouTube channel, please go here:

you will love this podcast, there is a gentleness and a kindness that permeate everything nick does, to hear that, you will have to listen to this show.

to find out more about nick and 500 lunches, read below:

About Nick Bendel

Nick Bendel is an ex-journalist who now owns a content marketing agency called Hunter & Scribe. When Nick isn’t working ridiculously long hours, he spends his time reading, writing, watching sport, meeting strangers and dreaming about travelling the world. Nick lives in Sydney, Australia.

About #500lunches

Nick Bendel is in the process of having lunch with 500 strangers in 5 years. He started his quest in August 2019 and has already met more than 100 strangers. Nick is doing these 500 lunches so he can grow his network, improve his social skills and sharpen his mindset.

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