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Ep 087 Meet a Guardian Angel with Vikki Thomas

Vikki Thomas:

Her background is in finance and business in the corporate world and also made her successes being a multiple business owner and private property investor.

However, she was called to do something more and embarked on a new journey 5 years ago. Her search for meaning and to live her life mission.

She is profoundly grateful for the opportunities she has had to reach out to many, through the medium of global live events, talks, books, radio and soon to be television.

She is said to be:

A guardian angel who not only inspires her followers, but energetically heals people all over the world utilising the Quantum Field.

She brings “magic” & “abundance” into people’s lives.  

Vikki Thomas is a Quantum Healer & Intuitive Guide.

Founder of Align Your Life with Magic, a container supporting women from a soul level (‪

Founder of HIT-Talks LIVE a global platform of Hope, Inspiration & Transformation (‪

and Honest Inner Truths conversation with interesting people who get to ask each other questions that get answered.

I have known Vikki now for a few months but I understand her and her mission now so much better as a result of this podcast. she has had a lot of pivot points in her life and I love being able to share some of those here to inspire others who feel like where they are is not where they want to be.

on this podcast you will hear:

  • how growing up in a small town in England with a mom who was a fruit picker and the first woman to be allowed to work in a factory and a dad who worked in a salvage yard of automobiles
  • growing up in a difficult home with lots of alcohol and violence and being abandoned by her mom at 14 and having to take care of her 7-year-old brother
  • what was the key to making a life that worked from the upbringing that she had, one that should not have allowed her to succeed?
  • with no parents and a nun in a church who was really mean to her, how she felt she needed to succeed.
  • hear the choice she made that helped her to change her point of view
  • why it is now so understandable why she introduces herself as a guardian angel
  • do we choose the life we are living before we come into this life?
  • the power of being able to have a conversation with someone you trust
  • find out what she is most proud of . . .
  • the idea of that our actions can affect 7 generations in the past and 7 generations in the future
  • the story of cutting off the ends and the priest and the dog
  • how we can cut off the weight of the past and the ancestral burden of continuing what has always continued
  • taking responsibility vs blaming others
  • bridging the corporate world and the spiritual world and the steps in between
  • the straw that breaks the camel’s back moment
  • an experience with sacred medicine
  • the desire to not be defined by titles and what that means in terms of magic happening.
  • comparison-i-tis
  • trust and judgement and social media
  • believe that everything you need is right inside of you
  • what one thing is that she would recommend that would change the momentum of the way the world is going?


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