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Ep 018: A Portrait of the Soul

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I am always amazed to hear the stories behind the stories. And this interview will not disappoint.

On the outside, Siddiqi Ray has become an internationally acclaimed photographer, inspirational speaker, and coach whose work merges intuition, creative vision and pragmatic analysis to help people come into their own power, connect authentically and build trust through visibility. Siddiqi has worked for over thirty years with entrepreneurs, Forbes 100 listed corporations and billionaires, world business and spiritual leaders including some notable names: The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, several members of the Kennedy Family, and an underwater series of the Navy SEALS.

But that is not always who she was. Her story is even more interesting. Raised in a family that believed in the power and guidance of a sixth sense intuition, when she showed her ability and spoke what she saw, she was severely punished.

No one listened to her and it caused her to enter a deep depression and was put into an institution to try to help her. But she didn’t need help, she was not crazy. Yes she heard voices, but these voices were voices of guidance and truth.

Siddiqi uses this ability now to communicate with the highest nature of the person she photographs and the photographed person walks away with a picture that shows a glimpse of who they really are.

Her work allows us to see ourselves and have a record that we can bring into view whenever we doubt who we really are.


Ep 017: A True American Hero

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  1. On August 19, 2013, Antoinette Tuff was a school bookkeeper, severely depressed that her husband of 33 years had recently left and faced the daunting challenges of raising a son with multiple disabilities and a daughter in law school as a single Mom. Never did she think that she would become a hero saving more than 1,000 lives, a best-selling author, an international celebrity, an expert on community safety, the Founder and CEO of a non-profit, Kids On the Move for Successor a guest of Michelle Obama’s atthe State of the Union Address.The next day, her life changed forever, Antoinette, an accidental hostage negotiator, usedher experiences with challenging life issues to successfully convince an armed gunman who entered the Ronal E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy to give her his AK-47. This is the only school active shooter situation in the US that ended without death or injury to school students, faculty, parents or shooter himself. Experience hostage negotiators, law enforcement and community leaders praised her intuitive, yet textbook, hostage negotiations on August 20, 2013.As a speaker, Antoinette shares how her everyday crisis management techniques with Tuff Tactics apply to wide variety situations, both large and small. Audience members will learn how stressful incidents in their everyday life can be leveraged as an asset when dealing with difficult interpersonal relationships, heated customer interactions or if they find a gun pointed in their direction. Her crisis management presentation with Conversation in the Crosshairs is designed to complement structured crisis situation and relationship training utilized by security, human resource and legal teams.Seven-time Grammy®Award winner, Toni Braxton, stars as Antoinette Tuff, in “Faith Under Fire”for Lifetime TV.
    Her story has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, USAToday, The View and many other places.
    Her book: Prepared for a Purpose is available on Amazon.com


Ep 016: The Case Against Reality with Donald Hoffman, PhD

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THIS IS A PODCAST YOU MUST HEAR. We speak about the fact that a fundamental principal of Science is that the human being is a machine.

If this doesn’t give cause for you to listen, we speak also about the Darwinian notion of Survival of The Fittest (in more scientific language) and how in order to survive, we need to hide the truth from our perception so that we do not become extinct; i.e. if two organisms are fighting, with the intention to survive, if one organism starts to consider if the actions it is doing are morally sound, and the other organism is looking simply to survive, the one that questions morality will lose and become extinct.

So the big question exists, If we are going to survive, will we want to be that entity that survives?

This is a fascinating discussion that looks at The Case Against Reality that one must create in order to survive and the fact that what we see anyway is not what is, but simply a perception what is.

Think of your computer screen, the icons there are not real, they are icons that we agree upon to take us to another place. This is how we see the world we see.  Hearing Dr. Hoffman speak about reality, we start to question everything

Donald Hoffman received his PhD from MIT, and is a professor of cognitive science at the University of California, Irvine. He is an author of over 100 scientific papers and three books, including a new book, The Case Against Reality  Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes. He received a Distinguished Scientific Award of the American Psychological Association for early career research, the Rustum Roy Award of the Chopra Foundation, and the Troland Research Award of the US National Academy of Sciences. His writing has appeared in Scientific American and Edge, and his work has been featured in Wired, Quanta, The Atlantic, and Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. He has a TED Talk titled “Do we see reality as it is?”

CONTACT INFORMATION:  http://www.cogsci.uci.edu/~ddhoff/

To purchase Dr. Hoffman’s book THE CASE AGAINST REALITY: https://www.amazon.com/Case-Against-Reality-Evolution-Truth/dp/0393254690/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1540324581&sr=1-6


Ep 015: Walking Compassion with Donna Brown

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When doors open, always walk through. I love when things happen like this as a surprise, never expected. This is how I met Donna Brown. She had left a comment on a podcast I was on which sparked my interest and so I invited her to have a conversation together. The more we spoke, the more I felt something and I just knew I had to invite her to be a guest on my podcast.

The thing I liked most about her was her ability to reinvent herself, each time at a high level of reinvention.  She has worked as a designer for a major fashion brand, then moved to a home textile and home furnishing designer to a garden designer. she has had he own TV Miniseries, wrote blog fo large publications in Italy and has authored 2 books and she created a healthier style of gelato.

She is now working now with people who have online businesses – finding their unique business model, not just USP. Positioning and scaling

Walking Compassion started as a personal journey but has become a movement of sharing healing with others. She is creating retreats, vision quests, and walking retreats for people to leave what troubles them behind.

In our podcast, we spoke of:

– the trial of a painful divorce

– the annotate for being stuck

– and her life changing walk along the Camino de Santiago.

Donna Brown is a business mentor, creative, motivational speaker and seeker. She loves to inspire and provoke with new ideas through developing a new definition and understanding of business as a tool to support your highest personal and spiritual growth.

Donna is the founder of Walking Compassion, a global movement for the development and practice of great compassion.

Contact Information:


IG: @donnabrown

FB: donnabrownstrategies


Ep 014: Enough with Elizabeth Lyons

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Everyone of us has a story within us that is wanting to come out. A story that could quite possibly impact the world, or bring comfort to those who think they are the only ones going through this experience.

In my book, The Mosaic (available on Amazon), it is only when Mo takes the time  to sit with the people he meets, to listen to their stories that he finds what he is looking to find.

So why don’t people tell their story, Why do they not write a book to share these stories with others. Most likely because they have not yet met Elizabeth Lyons, author of 5 books, her latest being ENOUGH (Availalbe on Amazon), a must read, charming and engaging poignant blueprint for entrepreneurs (and passionate everyday people) who are tired of feeling like they’re running the wrong way on life’s treadmill.

In this honest, entertaining conversation, author and book coach Elizabeth Lyons delivers insights and solutions for embracing every step of the entrepreneurial process, starting with wherever you are right now.

We speak about what it takes to write a book.

Why people make excuses forgot writing their book?

The types of books people write; core and surface books.

Why someone would come to her to help them write their book.

Why she believes those who say, pay them and they can help you write your book in a weekend say something that sounds good, but does not deliver a good product that builds your brand.

If you are thinking to write your book, YOU MUST LISTEN to this podcast. Elizabeth will share with you the truth, she will tell you things that you wil not hear from others, things that will discourage you, but in the end she will help you to see that it is when you go through these moments, you like the characters in your book will experience The Hero’s Journey.

Contact Information

To connect with Elizabeth Lyons: https://elizabethlyons.com


Ep 013: Inspired By Why with Trent Munday

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I have never met Trent Munday, at least not in person, and yet I feel a closeness to him through only a few conversations we have had via skype, podcasts and linkedin.

In his 25+ years of experience in hotel and spa industries, doing business in over 30 countries, Trent has developed a unique perspective on the business of spas. In an industry known for everything but, Trent’s voice resounds as one of practical business realities. He is one of the few that looks at things the way they are and asks why, and then doesn’t rest until all alternative perspectives have been considered. He is an innovator and a disruptor who sometimes can get frustrated by the pace of change.

Listen in as we talk about the innovations of the tech industry, an industry that came onto the scene at about the same time the spa industry was happening.

We compare the growth of the Tech industry to that of the Spa industry and look at some of the factors responsible.

Is Mental Wellness the new innovation the Spa industry and what do we see down the line?

What risks are needed in order to further the innovation of Spas.

A fascinating conversation around how one simple question, Why? can innovate an entire industry. Having the courage to ask questions like: Why do we do things this way? Why are we not bringing younger people not positions of leadership and influence? Why wil Spas be needed as we head into a future where AI will be able to do things we could never imagine?

A must listen for anyone in the Spa industry but for anyone in any industry that is looking to innovate.

To connect with Trent:

via Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trentmunday/

or on his website: https://www.trentmunday.com/


Ep 012: It Is Time To End Slavery with Beth Tiger

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It is hard to believe that in the world we live in, one in which we have made so many advances to better humanity, slavery still exists. And it exists in every nation around the world, not just third world countries where people are paid wages that seem inhumane, but even here in America.

Listen in on our conversation as we talk about companies that we buy things from that do not practice fair trade, to the affect that has on the energy of what is created; the clothes we wear, the foods we eat and even the crystals we use to protect and heal us.

There is an energy in all things, sentient and non-sentient that lives within everything that is created. Could it be that we feel this energy? That we are more emphatic than we think we are? And could it be that this energy affects our wellbeing?

So many of my conversations are on the power of the many, but I also stand in awe of Beth and the work she has done as one person helping many get involved to help even more. Beth is a living example of the power of the piece within the whole of The Mosaic.

For more information on the work Beth Tiger is doing, please go to these websites:

Ep 011: When Love Appears with Arielle Ford

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you are looking to find your soulmate and want real tools to do that.

you are willing to really look at the beliefs you have that are keeping you from having what you want.

What i love about Arielle is that for those who do not know her, she is a big surprise. Arielle is in many ways not at all what you would expect of someone who has made their career in helping people find love. If you are looking for a new age, lovey dove person, Arielle is not your person. Instead, she is a no nonsense, straight forward, honest and very clear mirror that will help you relook at the way you see life and choose to live the life you want to live.

Arielle Ford is a love and relationship expert and a leading personality in the  personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement. For the past 25 years  she has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness through all forms of media.

Her mission is to help people find love, keep love and most importantly, be love.

Most powerful moment for Danny: The thoughts and beliefs we have going through our mind are not facts, they are just thoughts and beliefs and WE get to choose which of those thoughts and beliefs we want to live by. It is essential for us to decide which thoughts will help us have the life we want and which ones will not.



facebook: @SoulmateSecret

twitter: @arieleford

instagram: @arieleford44

Ep 010: Swarm Intelligence with Louis Rosenberg, PhD.

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Louis Rosenberg, PhD probably doesn’t even know that he is one of my heroes. When I first found out about the work he is doing (see Unanimous.AI), it was exactly what I had envisioned for The Mosaic Swarm (A Dollar A Month Club that will one day solve problems that should no longer exist).

This is a MUST LISTEN TO podcast. It is essential for anyone wanting to know about The Mission of The Mosaic to hear this conversation as well as for anyone who wants to get past the gridlock of government and business to find a new paradigm for decision making that is as old as time.

Read of his work in these two paragraphs taken from the Unanimous.AI website, About Us page:

Unanimous AI amplifies the intelligence of networked human groups, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, assessments, decisions, evaluations, and insights. Using AI algorithms modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence, our award-winning Swarm® platform empowers business teams to quickly maximize their combined wisdom and converge on optimized solutions.

At Unanimous AI, we believe people are smartreally smart.In fact, we believe the most important database on the planet is the diverse knowledge, wisdom, and insights housed within the billions of human minds distributed around the globe. Every one of us has over a million gigabytes between our ears, and we are continuously interacting with our environment, testing our hypotheses, reevaluating our assumptions, and updating our vast data-stores. It’s incredible.
And yet, most AI companies are focused on replacing people with automated algorithms, supplanting human wisdom with oversimplified data-sets. To us, this is a misguided approach, especially for problems that have a human component. Instead of replacing people with AI, our mission is to connect people with AI, enabling networked groups to collaborate in real-time as super-intelligent systems, working to harness our combined knowledge, experience, insights, and intuitions in highly efficient and optimized ways.
Most powerful moment for Danny:
That moment in our conversation where I realised the technology already exists to allow the Mosaic Swarm to gather data and finance the solutions to problems that have no place existing in our world any more. Problems like Homelessness, Hunger, Education, Medical Care, Global Warming, Clean Drinking Water, Sex Trafficking, Equality and Slavery.
Contact Information:
Website: Unanimous.AI
             : Swarm.AI

Ep 009: Overcoming Adversity with Iyanla Vanzant

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I WANT PEOPLE TO COME TOGETHER AND CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER to experience the energy, energy, energy, the quantum physics of people coming together the energy changes us.

FAVORITE THING TO DO AS A KID: write and talk and eat.
I always had active imagination because I am clairaudient. But I wasn’t supported in that. I heard thing when people spoke that they didn’t say and when I would speak what I heard, it would freak the big people out. . . . and I would get a pop in the mouth and get punished.

My grandmother was a native American who grew up in the south and pretended to be black because the discrimination was easier if you were black than Native American. That was the switch, the spare the rod, spoil the child mentality that was prevalent in the south so we got beat.

I wasn’t raised I grew up. All children need system, structure, and order. They need a system to grow up in, they need that system to be ordered so that they can govern it for themselves and they need structure for how to make the system work. I didn’t have them. I was never taught them.

Iyanla’s tumultuous beginning and her attempted suicide.
“I just wanted to stop hurting. I knew I could live pain free.”

I had to kill Rhonda. That was my birth name. She is the one who was abused and beaten; she had to die. Our name is our nature, every time people call your name, they reeducate your spirit about its purpose and mission. What you attach to that name become your mission. Rhonda didn’t have baggage, she had engraved luggage.

it isn’t that the issues are specific to a culture, it is how the culture experiences the issues. when I would g to my white friend homes and they would call their mother by their first names or talk disrespectfully, that would make my black fall off.

We look for people who look like us, because we don’t trust each other, and so people who look like me will come to me before they will come to someone like you.

I speak to the place where we are all woman; a woman with broken heart is a not blacker white, she is a woman with a broken heart, a woman who lost her breast to cancer is a woman who in dealing with cancer, a woman who has lost a child or an addicted relative is a woman dealing with loss. There are places in the heart where woman come together and stand for each other as woman, that’s where I speak too.

I ask men questions. I do not know what it is like to be a man, but I do know about fatherless sons, but I do know about men’s inadequacies, I do know about how man wlll look to their ego not their heart. the pain is the pain is the pain. I speak to that pain.

Of all things you have taught and seen, what is the one thing you would share:
“Give yourself permission to enjoy your favorite ice cream. I can procrastinate, I can avoid, I can struggle, what I am not going to do is fail, instead of making everything so hard, just eat some ice cream and enjoy it, and let that joy take you forward.

Is this the world you dream of handing to future generations?
No. I want to hand over to my children a world where people can tell the truth, listen to the truth and not get prosecuted for it.
We need to develop a close intimate relationship with the God of your understanding. God will never lie to you and follow what you are told. Trust that relationship and spend time in that relationship.

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