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Ep 092 When Curiosity Meets Listening with Martin Lopez

Aug 12, 2020

I met Martin several years ago.  in the years i have known him, he has always been one of the kindest people i know.  he is someone who has always given to me way more than he has asked for, he has had me on numerous platforms that he has created and yet over the years we have not seen each other all that much

when he invited me to be on a facebook live conversation, i saw something in him that i had not seen before, and i wanted to have him on this podcast to share with us his work around curiosity and his book The Curiosity Theory.

i must say, this was one of the most interesting podcasts that i have ever done, because in the middleman our conversation, Martin stepped back to analyse what he was thinking and feeling from a curiosity perspective and then i did the same thing from a place of holding space and listening.

the two practices are very similar but i think you will see in this conversation, the living breathing practice of what each of us do.

i highly recommend Martin and if you are feeling stuck or this that a new way of looking at the world with curiosity might benefit you and/or you company, please reach out to him.

here is a little more Information on who Martin is and how you can reach him:

Martin Lopez is an Real Estate Professional as well an Author, Trainer and Coach in the personal development industry.

His book The Curiosity Theory is a powerful methodology that radically changes…

✅ The way we look at ourselves

✅ The way we look at each other.

✅ And The way we look at life,

The Curiosity Theory gives people alternatives during tense and stressful situations. This allows people to Powerfully Interact vs. Repeating the same mistakes over and over.

As a Trainer, Martin’s works with:

Start-ups ::: Corporate CEO’s ::: One on One Coaching ::: And High Performance Teams.

His gift is uncovering blind spots and strengthening professional and personal relationships, As well as helping teams and organizations work together more openly and efficiently.

Martin is a graduate of the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program and has extensive training in may other methodologies.

During his 30+ years as a real estate professional and mortgage banker, Martin saw so many opportunities lost due to misaligned energy, conflict and self-sabotaging communications.

Almost every time, the issues were human rather than technical:

  • Simple misunderstandings
  • Tragic disagreement
  • Fear-driven distrust

The Curiosity Theory is the result of Martin’s exploration. Written in the same humorous, conversational style he uses when teaching seminars. The book is a guide to practicing The Curiosity Theory to strengthen your relationships in all aspects of your life.

Applied curiosity improves communication and collaboration. It helps teams work together more openly and efficiently. It brings friends, couples and families closer together.


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