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Ep 093 The Moment We Become Who We Are with Trina Bardusco

Somewhere in the back of my mind, i have the idea that the book i wrote, The Mosaic would always be turned into a movie or a Netflix series or something like that and from time to time life brings to me people who are really talented in filmmaking, directing and producing films.

i have also always felt that the essence of The Mosaic, the idea of listening to people no one listens to, and watching them righting front of my eyes transform from who i thought they were to who they are.  for the most part, this happens in my seeing something that i never saw in them before, AND . . .

occasionally it happens through the practice of holding space.  when a person feels safe enough to be themselves, all that they are not falls away, leaving only who they are to be seen.

both ways involve this practice of compassionate listening and both processes are exquisite to watch.

Trina Bardusco is an American-Venezuelan who is passionate about innovative storytelling, championing multiculturalism, diversity and content for women. She has written, directed, produced and or co-hosted a total of nine web series and for-and-about women in both English and Spanish.

you can easily see why i was so eager to speak with her.

She also co-pioneered HBO Latino’s original, award winning series, Habla, that for over a decade has given a platform to Latinos living in the U.S. Latinos from all walks of life, including dozens of celebrities, share their personal stories.

Her latest project, Going Solo, is a documentary series with a distinctly feminine take on the impulse to travel. Blending bold storytelling, far-flung locals, and spirited exploration, we follow Trina as she takes a walk—or twirl, or ride—in another’s shoes, seeking passion and excitement in each unique form of cultural expression.

need i say more, but there is more . . .

Trina began her career as a Fulbright Scholar of ethnomusicology in Spain in 1999 for her project, “Flamenco’s Duende and Deep Song.” She soon traded the library for one of the first, readily available DV digital cameras, and started documenting gypsy flamenco singer, Luis Agujeta. This lead to her debut documentary, I’m the Tourist,  where she first began experimenting with immersing herself in a way of life markedly different from her own.

what was fabulous to watch in this interview was that moment when we could feel who trina was actually came front an center.  thesis not to say that before na after that moment trina was not real and authentic and beautiful, but if you watch, i thin you will see, there is a moment she something changes.

those moments are what i live for. i hope you will enjoy watching this episode and that it will encourage you to usher in that moment for yourself when you become you.

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