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Running From a Billion Dollar Business (ft. Daniel Bruce Levin) on the Puzzled Podcast

i loved this podcast. it came out of nowhere, but from the moment Janessa and i started speaking, i felt instantly close to her and because of the protest s that were happening at the time we were recording, we started talking about the feeling that each of us feel when we are a minority. but the conversation went a lot of places from there,  please listen in to hear where this show goes. we experienced the connection we both speak of and we share the untold stories of people who no one listens to. hear how two different sides of the same thing meet in the middle.

I’ve always wanted to run away on a self-discovery journey. Daniel Bruce Levin walked away from the opportunity to run a billion dollar business to find happiness and inner peace; then he left one day before becoming ordained as a Rabbi in Jerusalem to become a monk. Like what we do here, he’s dedicated to listening to the stories of the unheard, just as we listen to his incredible journey!

Find more from Daniel at (, be sure to check out his book and podcast, The Mosaic. You can find us on Instagram @thepuzzledsociety.

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