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Become unlimited. Live your purpose.


A Story. A Method. A Movement.

We cultivate safe spaces of healing and love that allow you to be yourself, take risks and realise your ultimate potential.

The Problem Is...

You have been disconnected.

You feel alone and have lost trust in yourself and others. You are scared and hide behind masks and live behind walls hoping that the “I win/you lose” world you live in does not devour you.

The Mosaic offers you a solution. A new set of practices along with a methodology that unites what is divided and reestablishes connection and intimacy with self, source, others and purpose.


The Story.

Read the book that challenges you to see differently.

The Method.

Learn a methodology to eliminate the walls of separation, recreate connection and replace fear with love,

The Movement.

Join a community of like and unlike minded people who innovate solutions to local, national and global issues.
we are not here to be like everyone else . . . we are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps even strange to add our small piece to the great mosaic of life.

Daniel Bruce Levin


Daniel Bruce Levin

A visionary who listens.  A listener who sees. A mystic who heals. 

Living a message of connection and innovation, Levin brings people of like and unlike minds together and challenges them to find solutions by listening to each other until they understand what the other sees. It is then and only then that solutions can be created together

Discover The Mosaic: A Story. A Method. A Movement.

Experience the visionary who listens and sees.


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The Mosaic·

The Mosaic·

The Mosaic·

The Mosaic·

The Mosaic·