The Mosaic

A Magical Story of Seeing the Unseen.
A Method to Experience the Power of Connection.
And an Opportunity to Become Part of a Movement of Love That Will Change the World.

The Mosaic is a story that will touch the heart and soul of anyone who has ever experienced loss or felt alone and disconnected. It is a story of hope and of seeing a world you never saw before.  It is, a story of connection and in one way or another, it is the story of all of us.

The fact that you are here now means The Mosaic has found you. It invites you now, to read its pages. Let me warn you, it may appear simple but it should come as no surprise to the reader, that a story that speaks of seeing what you can’t see, would hint at connections that when taken would open doors to illuminate a completely new reality. To buy The Mosaic, click below:

Our thoughts become our words. Our words become our stories. Our stories become our lives.
To change any part of this equation, change any part of the equation and everything changes.



All of us hide. I do too. If you are observant, you can see it in my picture, my eyes are hidden by the tint of my glasses. Strange for someone who says he is a connectivity expert, no?

No. For you see as different as you might think I am, I am just like you. I laugh when I am happy and hide when I feel pain. And it is because I am like you and feel what you feel, that I am able to understand you and know the obstacles you face, because I have faced them too. It is the fact that we are the same that makes me feel deeply connected to you.

But on the surface we are different. I walked away from an opportunity to run a billion dollar company to hitchhike around the world because what motivated other people did not motivate me. I have dined with the wealthiest of the wealthy and sat on street corners with the poorest of the poor. I was one day away from becoming a Rabbi and I lived as a monk for 10 years. I was the Director of Business Development at Hay House and helped them grow from $3million a year in sales to $100million in revenue through out of the box innovative strategies. I am that rare breed of person whose path is an embrace of business man and mystic forging a road that was at one time mostly uncharted.

But no matter how different our lives seem, when we sit together and listen to each other, I know we will find amazing similarities. As a connectivity expert and business leader I work with those similarities to connect governmental organizations, corporations, and businesses by inviting them to look past the surface differences to find the place of real connection. I am available to speak at workshops, retreats, and corporations with the mission to reconnect the world to that which we hold in common.

I am married to a woman I love deeply. She shows me how to trust in the power of my heart. I am the lucky father of a
 beautiful special needs daughter who teaches me unconditional love, a fun-loving stepson, a brilliant stepdaughter and a very needy Golden Retriever. We currently live three blocks from the ocean and feel blessed to be alive.

The Mosaic is the

vehicle of connection.

When you look at a mosaic, the way the pieces connect tell us a story that most do not see. Some pieces connect side to side while others connect only at a tiny corner. The power of the mosaic is both in the individual pieces and how they connect, and in the experience of what happens when all the pieces come together.
When we see the connection, we experience harmony. But when we only see the places we are not connected, we feel separate and alone. One thought, one shift of perspective changes not only the life we live, but the world we live in.

In a world that expounds upon our differences, be the one who magnifies our similarities. Beneath all the superficial things that make us different is the one thing we all want: To be loved and accepted; Listened to and understood; Validated and appreciated. Find that connection and all conflict resolves.

The Mosaic Solution


In the most connected time the world has ever know, we have become divided. To find strength, we have taken refuge in the silos of the people who think like us. And though we feel safe with people of like mind and our voices have become more powerful, the problem is there are very few people listening. Everyone has found their silo and the gaps between our silos is getting  wider and deeper. We seem to have become more concerned with our silo being right, than in solving the problems in front of us.

What happened to our ability to listen to each other?  We have started to speak with anger and listen with judgment. More and more we see verbal attacks on people who disagree with us. They are increasing. Common ground appears to be diminishing and the absence of trust just keeps growing.

The changes needed require innovation. Innovation demands that we listen to each other and take risks, but our lack of trust in each other diminishes the amount of risk we are willing to take. And all the while, innovation is being replaced by mediocrisy and a fear of thinking outside the lines.

Connection is our solution. We need people of like and unlike mind to come together and listen to each other. To find new ways to see the same thing and in this new seeing, perhaps the impossible will suddenly become possible.









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Card Reading

Connect to wherever it takes you

Allow The Mosaic to guide you.

In The Mosaic, the journey introduces us to 55 unique and important “pieces of the puzzle” – The Gardener, The Monk, The Shoemaker, and others.  Learn what message three of these archetypes have for YOU!

The BeKind2U Challenge

Can You Be Kind to Yourself for 21 Consecutive Days?

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Put on the BeKind2U Bracelet

Place the bracelet on the left wrist and become aware of the thoughts you think, the words you say and the things you do.

Switch the Bracelet

Become aware of how often you judge yourself, or put yourself down. Listen to the words you speak and watch the way you act, the moment you find you are being unkind to yourself, take the bracelet off and move it to the other wrist. Start your practice over. It is Day 1 again.

Stay With It

The practice of being kind to yourself will start to grow on you throughout the 21 days. Have fun with it, laugh when you catch yourself being judgemental and imagine how good it will feel when you stop knocking yourself down and simply practice kindness.


Is this the world that you always dreamed of giving to your children and your children's children? Levin's answer to that was a resounding NO! And so he meditated and prayed and found a solution in the story of The Mosaic. He offers a practical, easy to apply, 4 step process that invites you, the audience to see how disconnected you have become and how to reconnect a divided world from inside out. His message of Peace by Piece is at the heart of every talk he gives. His talks are filled with vulnerability and authenticity making his message relatable and his refreshing humor opens audiences up to new perspectives.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

Levin has presented to: The Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology - Jamaica, NAAC, ISPA, IECSC Las Vegas, ISBN, NESPA, SpaTec, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Corporate, St. Regis, Maroma, Mayflower, Fairmont, Andaz, HydraFacial, MamaMio, Red Mountain Resort and Spa.


Our thoughts become our words. Our words tell our stories. And our stories create our life. Change any part of the equation and every part of the equation changes.

Through questions, you find your connection points. Through listening, you hear the stories that bind you to those connections. Mosaic Coaching helps you determine which connection points you want to keep and which no longer serve you.

See what you cannot see; Listen to what you cannot hear. This is the art of Mosaic Coaching. The more you practice this art, the more you align yourself with living a connected life.

What They Say

“In The Mosaic, Daniel Levin captures the essence of the human condition in a delightful parable that will entertain, enlighten, and touch the hearts of all who read it. This simple and enjoyable story is a new adventure for all of us who desire to connect with and trust more of what is the same within us all.”

Rev. Dr. Iyanla Van ZantNew York Times best-selling author; Host of Iyanla Fix My Life (OWN)

“It is rare that a story today qualifies for the true meaning of a fable but this one does. Like Aesop’s Fables, The Mosaic contains one wisdom lesson after another told by characters—some of whom dwell in this world and others in the next. A fun read.”

Caroline MyssNew York Times best-selling author

“The most profound and lasting way to learn is through story, and a story that reflects so many aspects of our shared human journey keeps the lessons learned alive in the heart forever. This is one such beautiful and lasting story.”

Sonia ChoquetteNew York Times best-selling author

“The Mosaic is a stunning, powerful, timely and magnificent book. The Juiceman . . . Road Worker . . . the Traveler . . . the Street Artist . . . the characters, archetypes, and metaphors within this brilliant fable are intoxicating, mesmerizing, and heart expanding. Daniel Levin provides deeper messages through the ‘back door’ of our own consciousness, resulting in subtle and precious heart-warming take-aways. Highly recommended.”

Arielle Ford with Brian Hillard Best-selling authorRelationship Expert and Leading Personality in the Self-Growth Movement

“The Mosaic is a beautiful story with a profound message: Look past all the seemingly segmented parts of our lives and ourselves and find the unity and connectedness within the bigger picture.”

Bruce D. SchneiderFounder, IPEC Coaching and Best-selling Author

“When author Daniel Levin told me that The Mosaic was a parable about one boy’s search for heaven, the people he meets along the way and the lessons he learns, I was skeptical that anyone could make this archetypal hero’s journey fresh, new and engaging. The Mosaic blew away my skepticism in the first few pages. Every person our hero “Mo” encounters from the Trashman to the Wise One spoke directly to my soul. I loved meeting the Blind Woman and the Shoemaker, the Ordi- naries and the Specials, and had one deep insight after another as Levin deftly wove each character’s profound knowledge into the fabric of the parable, never once sounding preachy or resorting to platitudes. I’ve been a student and a teacher of self-awareness and transformation for over 40 years, and reading The Mosaic was truly a highlight of my own personal journey. The magic it imparts is palpable and the
possibilities it ignites are real.”

Debra PonemanBest-selling author; Founder of Yes to Success Seminars; Co-founder of Your Year of Miracles

“The Mosaic. I knew it would be different. I knew it would open
doors of insight and pathways to truth, because Danny IS different,
and that’s what Danny does. What I did not expect is the extent to which the Mosaic draws you in with every step on that winding journey, how it connects to our own personal experiences, every raw, searing, emotional loss, with each of our own personal joys, our insecurities, our triumphs! Mo is in all of us. Mo’s journey, his pathway, metaphorically, is the journey we all have walked or will walk someday, in some way—if we allow ourselves the freedom to see and experience even that which ‘we cannot see.’ The Mosaic, in every chapter, touches a chord in our souls, it connects us and it is a beautiful experience.”

Hillary AlexanderPermanent Secretary for MSET - Jamaican Government

“The Mosaic is a remarkable parable for our time. Daniel Levin’s luscious writing style echoes of the Alchemist, as it radiates with joy and guides you on an adventure of the heart. The deeper messages in this book come as a gentle breeze and invite you into the garden of your soul. The Mosaic has lasting magic for the ages!”

Denise LinnPublic Relations Consultant, Freelance Writer and Editor

Workshops, Retreats, Mosaic Coaching

Daniel Bruce Levin is available to speak and/or facilitate workshops and retreats. His speaks on Connectivity and works with Government, Corporations, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Spas and Resorts, and individuals and groups who want to elevate their culture to  one that is more deeply connected to their constituents, customers, staff and product.

He is a popular speaker for groups focusing on how to build trust, take risks and live a connected life. If you want your team to work better together, increase innovation and eliminate conflict, reach out to him.

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