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Ep 095 It’s Ok To Be Human with Andrea Garfield

Aug 29, 2020

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Andrea Garfield has been building businesses and coaching and teaching leaders her whole career. after getting her MBA she built and sold companies and volunteered, coaching leaders across the globe. now as Founder and CEO of Awesome Institute, she is passionate about helping people be more human at work.

she blew into my awareness through a short video i saw of her coaching Simon Sinek through a tough time in this coronavirus pandemic.

and from the moment i watched that video i knew i wanted to have her on The Mosaic Podcast. she is kind, authentic, approachable and dare i say human. although she works with some really well known people, there was no air about her. she was real, and vulnerable (although she says this is still hard for her to be) and very accepting.

i found our conversation to be easy, like sitting on the front porch in a comfortable chair sipping a lemonade.  there was something very clean and wholesome about it. and we spoke about feeling feelings, how we learn to be separate, the gift of children, walking rather than jumping into change. i could tell you all about it, because in its own way, the conversation touched me like a gentle breeze touches me and brings me comfort. but that would rob you of the opportunity to experience this conversation from your point of view and feel what you feel from it, and why would i want to do that.

when i asked her what she would say to the word if she knew it was listening, she replied: “It’s okay to be human at work and in life.”

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