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A groundbreaking work in the alchemical tradition, challenges its readers to reconsider their assumptions about the world by exploring the connections between their daily interactions with others, their treatment of themselves, the information they take in from their senses, and invites you to see it all differently.

By Daniel Bruce Levin

In The Mosaic, Daniel Levin captures the essence of the human condition in a delightful parable that will entertain, enlighten, and touch the hearts of all who read it. This simple and enjoyable story is a new adventure for all of us who desire to connect with and trust more of what is the same within us all.

Rev. Dr. Iyanla VanzantNew York Times best-selling author; Former Host of Iyanla Fix My Life (OWN)

It is rare that a story today qualifies for the true meaning of a fable but this one does. Like Aesop’s Fables, The Mosaic contains one wisdom lesson after another told by characters—some of whom dwell in this world and others in the next. A fun read.

Caroline MyssNew York Times Best-Selling Author

The Mosaic is a stunning, powerful, timely and magnificent book. The Juiceman . . . Road Worker . . . the Traveler . . . the Street Artist . . . the characters, archetypes, and metaphors within this brilliant fable are intoxicating, mesmerizing, and heart expanding. Daniel Levin provides deeper messages through the ‘back door’ of our own consciousness, resulting in subtle and precious heart-warming take-aways. Highly recommended.

Arielle Ford with Brian Hillard Bestselling AuthorRelationship Expert and Leading Personality in the Self-Growth Movement

The most profound and lasting way to learn is through story, and a story that reflects so many aspects of our shared human journey keeps the lessons learned alive in the heart forever. This is one such beautiful and lasting story.

Sonia ChoquetteNew York Times Bestselling Author

Discover The Mosaic: a Story, a Method, and a Movement.

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