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50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Jamais Jochim

50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Jamais Jochim

and the hope that this book can help bring us together and show us
how much more we share in common than how far apart we are
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my mom told me as a kid, “danny, need judge a book by its cover.” and am i ever happy i listened to her. as is my habit, i try to know as little as possible about the people that come into my room, so when at first Jamais didn’t show up on time after confirming the day before, i was not alarmed, but as time passed and still no Jamais, i sent one more email to him and hoped he would get it. he did and he showed up and apologised for being late.

he turned out to be a brilliant man with a very strong set of beliefs and it was interesting to hear someone say much of what i believe in a way that i would never say it. you are going to have to listen in to this show to understand what i mean.

after the show ended i shared with him how well he had done and said the only thing i wish would have happened that i would have been able to get beneath your brilliant mind and touch your heart. it was then that he shared with me that he was autistic.

this is must listen online television. podcast

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