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50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Emiliana Guereca

50 More Conversations with 50 More Strangers with Emiliana Guereca

and the hope that this book can help bring us together and show us
how much more we share in common than how far apart we are
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from the very first moment i saw Emiliana, i knew this would not be a typical conversation and true to form it did not follow the format that i have for other shows. Everything about this, from the way i met her, to setting up the conversation to the actual conversation itself, felt different; but then again most things seem to work differently for Emiliana one of 13 children, she has become a Latin Jewish activist, Author, and strategist. She is hard to categorise and place in a box.

hear the story of how this woman who went to Harvard because of the way she looks and the color of her skin, is seen by the children in her sons class as being the nanny not the mother of her boys. can you imagine????

this is just one fo the many things we spoke about, hear how diversity is not enough and what is needed now to make real change. listen as we speak about inclusion and the party where we are stuck the corner and not allowed to participate, Black Lives Matter, colorisation and woman rights.

i loved this conversation. it was intelligent, insightful and too short.
you must have a listen to this podcast.

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