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Want A New Reality? The Happiness Now Podcast Interview with Rab feat. Daniel Bruce Levin

Want A New Reality? The Mosaic, Daniel Bruce Levin Interview.
Today I am interviewing Daniel Bruce Levin – Daniel is the author of book (The Mosaic).
The Mosaic is a story that will touch the heart and soul of anyone who has ever experienced loss or felt alone and disconnected. It is a story of hope and of seeing a world you never saw before. It is, a story of connection and in one way or another, it is the story of all of us.
The fact that you are seeing this now means The Mosaic has found you. It invites you now, to read its pages. Let me warn you, it may appear simple but it should come as no surprise to the reader, that a story that speaks of seeing what you can’t see, would hint at connections that when taken would open doors to illuminate a completely new reality.
to get The Mosaic, please go to amazon:
Kind regards, Rab.
(Happiness NOW)

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