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Ep 083 Behind Closed Doors with Tamika and Stormy Archie

Jun 17, 2020

Tamika and Stormy Archie, are the creators, writers, directors, producers and film crew for of a new film series song on the On Channel called “Behind Closed Doors”.

The amazing thing is that neither one of them knew anything about filmmaking. They learn it all from watching YouTube videos.

Behind Closed Door weaves the dramatic stories of 4 characters struggling with the real-life issues of domestic & sexual abuse, mental illness, and drug addiction. The stories they tell come for the most part from what they witnessed and experienced as children.

it is a story of those who suffer in silence and how that suffering remains long after the trauma is done. The first season of “Behind Closed Doors” had over 14,000 views within the first 2 weeks. It’s now one of the ON network’s most popular streamed series.

when i look at the world today and i see what has come out from behind closed doors, a film series’s like this is even more important than ever.

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What you will hear on this podcast:

  • hear how I wonder if the world at large is similar to that of an abused person in relationship to the world around them.
  • how we are all in one way or another living “Behind Closed Doors”
  • Tamika and Stormy created a movie series with no prior experience creating a film and they learned everything the created from YouTube video
  • molested by her father, her mother was bi-polar who turned to drugs as a result of her shame at not being able to protect her daughter
  • her anger at being violated by her father even as she was a daddy’s girl
  • the first session of Behind Closed Doors is Taiko’s story; season 2 will be Stormy’s completely different story of a father who was not around and her discover yof 9 other siblings
  • abused from kindergarten through 6th grade; the movie, “Something about Amelia” and what happened when Tamika told her teacher
  • the prophetic dream and what happened when her mom asked her what happened
  • the model of abuse that continued to live on
  • raised by her grandparents who didn’t know what was going on and the excuses she made to stay more with them
  • her strategy of wetting the bed to keep her father out
  • the safety Tamika felt the first time she was with Stormy
  • the beauty of someone holding the space for someone who was abused and for the abused person to trust someone when she was betrayed in the trust she had given to one who was supposed to keep her safe
  • what is the abused person and the abuser both trying to say that never got heard
  • what Tamika would say to people who are being abused
  • go to On Channel and watch their series “Behind Closed Doors”
  • how does someone get to a place where they really know it is not their fault
  • forgiveness? and the 15 page certified letter
  • braking that trust of a daughter
  • the thankfulness for the relationship she has with Stormy
  • waking up one day and realizing I need to know who I am and the practice that followed
  • the conversation Stormy had with her dad and the importance of having a dad in your life, especially for a daughter
  • what they saw in each other that brought them together
  • the conversation that started and never ended
  • do they ever wonder how much could be stacked against them, black, abused, beaten, abandoned, gay, and woman and still they are happy!
  • how did they find the happiness they have now and how do we get the world to do what they have done in their own life?
  • be selfish
  • making the choice to be happy
  • not making a choice is still making a choice
  • do something different
  • where in your life are you living “Behind Closed Doors”? what is it you are wanting to say but are not saying?

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