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Ep 082 Holding the Space for Partnership not Domination with Melody LeBaron

this one got interesting
have a listen
as terms were used that raised my guard
living life from the place of partnership
vs the place of dominance.
this one idea could change everything.
hope you will listen to this one . . .

Jun 13, 2020

As a professional organizer, Space Clearing and Feng Shui expert, Melody LeBaron helps clients create homes and workspaces that function and feel like success partners.  Melody also works with the dying and their caregivers, to create sacred space for a conscious and beautiful death.

Her new book, Transforming Death: Creating Sacred Space for the Dying, which will be available in mid- June:

Her Life Purpose

I took birth to participate in the shift from the dominator the partnership on our planet.  I partner with my shadow, my loved ones, the land I live on, my home, with life and death.

what you will hear on this podcast:

  • how her parents climbed out of poverty
  • her dad changed from a farmer to a scientist
  • when she realized how much she loved the process of re-organization
  • being the caretake to her siblings so that her parents could do what they needed to do
  • living the life of the parentified child and creating a family culture that was healthy
  • the story of the soft spot closing on her brother’s head
  • the story of the baby and the toddler
  • that moment when we forget where we came from
  • what the doctor said to her that shocked her
  • being in feel
  • an incident of hearing the inner voice that scared her
  • feeling different until she found a place where she fit in
  • the wound of belonging, the mormom church and the beliefs she had to leave behind
  • the reason she wrote her book
  • how she knew where to place her hands to relieve her pain
  • the beliefs around death that made her uncomfortable
  • the partnership with life
  • the dominator- submissive relationship
  • the connection she felt to nature and the feeling she felt in certain homes
  • clearing the space not only in a house, but also in the transition from life to death
  • the importance of maintaining their belief of where they are going to ease their experience
  • the cultural views of death, the belief of failure and the natural flow of life
  • the most painful belief she had to confront in herself
  • the different way people of different cultures view death
  • the change that happens in the experience of death when we hold a different point of view.
  • the generating, the organization and the death stages of life
  • how death can inform everything about the way we live
  • the white supremacist society and systemic racism
  • everything goes through spaces of life and death
  • stay centered, grounded in love and present in every moment
  • how would this one idea of partnership and the model that it sets in places vs the idea of domination change your life


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