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Ep 090 The Power of Fear with Diane Ray

Jul 30, 2020

Ep. 090 The Power of Fear with Diane Ray

we had numerous opportunities to meet each other over the course of the years, but we never did, not even when we worked for the same company, Hay House, but then again, she was coming in and I was going out. we got reintroduced through the podcast community and both of us decided it was time to have a conversation.

prior to this podcast we had one of two conversations over the phone and I shared with her my feeling that perhaps it was time for her to move from behind the curtain to in front of the curtain and so one of the things I was interested in talking to her about was whether she had gleaned any insights from talking to so many  of the leaders in the industry of self help around the topic of fear.

when i asked diane what she would like to say to people, she sent me a quote George Harrison and say ” All things must pass” ..we have been through wars, other pandemics and bad presidents. We will get through this as well. Just be kind to each other and remember we are all in this together.

I could tell you more but I think it better if you listen in to see what we talked about  . . .


she has been working in radio broadcasting for over 30 years since she first cracked the mic at age 19 at WSHE She’s Only Rock and Roll in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla for their Amateur Hour. She worked for most of my on-air radio career in the Miami market with stops in Austin, TX and San Diego, CA. You can view her complete resume here

For over a decade she has been working in digital media and online broadcasting as the Network Radio Manager/Producer and Director of Programming for since 2017. she launched her podcast Be Present: The Diane Ray Show with Unity Online Radio in August of 2018.

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