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Ep 086 Personal Freedom comes with Personal Responsibility with Rich Weingart

Jul 6, 2020

rich weingart

After an earlier career in finance and a stint with teaching, Rich has spent the last 20 years helping build an insurance brokerage firm which is still his profession. In his ‘other’ life, Rich has spent the last 10 years coaching his kids in various sports, and, learning as many lessons as he taught, or maybe more. He loves being a Dad, coaching and leading.

He is active in the community and values making an impact in other people’s lives as he tries to be the best version of himself he can be, while also taking himself lightly (when he knows how).

Rich’s podcast, A Richer Life, was inspired by a mission of creating A Richer Life for himself and inspiring others to do the same. He is excited to explore other peoples courageous journeys and help encourage others to dive deep into whatever ‘fear’ is holding them back and go for whatever ‘it’ is for them.

you can learn more about him and his podcast by going to:

IG: a richerlife

FB: A Richer Life


If I could say one thing to the World, it would be:

love is the answer to everything and personal freedom comes with personal responsibility.

what you will hear on this podcast:

  • my conversation with Rich feels like a conversation with a brother and the climate that exist as the backdrop of our conversation brings meaning to the pivots Rich has made in his life
  • understanding the statement personal freedom comes from personal responsibility
  • George Floyd, Racism and Black Lives Matter and another point of view
  • how do we get to the other side of all of this?
  • everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions, white, black, yellow, red whatever color we are, we all need to take responsibility for the way we show up
  • here is the Harvard Implicit test I spoke of:
  • be courageous enough to have these sweaty palm conversations
  • how do we create a richer life for the people who have been on the other side of this equation? releasing the trauma . . .
  • what is needed to get past this trauma
  • being a little bit better than we were
  • what does personal responsibility brings personal freedom really mean
  • how important is it for people to heal by simply telling their story
  • do we have to go through what people are going through to help them?
  • what it is like to be traveling in an RV during Coved 19 and meeting the real people of America. what are the people you are meeting on your trip like?
  • we are in this game “to do human better” and how we need things like alternative media sources like the podcasts that we are doing need to happen to show the good stories of our life
  • hear a simple explanation about why it is so important to “do human better”
  • what is one thing that surprises him on the road trip he is on?
  • getting in harmony with the bigger world around us brings a new perspective
  • human being vs. human doing
  • if your life is not up to you, who is it up to?
  • the brutal truth spoken with compassion and empathy
  • when we experience trauma, we feel alone. where place does vulnerability play in this cycle.
  • hear how he answers, is this the world that you alwaysdreamed of handing over to your children and hear what Rich wants to share with you to make life better.
  • forgiveness and acceptance
  • all of us are here to help each other and we all need help
  • when you have the choice to be right or kind, be kind!

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