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Ep 084 Raising World Children in a Confusing Time with Aditi Wardham Singh

Jun 23, 2020

Aditi Wardhan Singh is award winning, best selling author of Strong Roots Have No Fear and How Our Skin Sparkles. She is an authoritative voice on cultural sensitivity and empowerment. She is the founder and Chief Editor of Raising World Children Magazine, which is a magazine for multicultural parents to raise global citizens with a growth mindset.

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check out her 2 books on her website or on

Strong Roots Have No Fear

How Our Skin Sparkles

and also look at her offers of book publishing services for those of you wanting to write a book.

when i asked her what is her purpose here on earth, she said:

“Life is unimaginable without a purpose to hold onto. My children and the children around me inspire me every day to create resources that build multicultural families up. I believe my purpose is to let people know they are not alone in their struggles, be it familial, personal or emotional. To help empower mindsets to look beyond themselves for personal growth.”

here is what you will hear on this podcast:

  • her parents were from different parts of India and she grew up on the border of Kuwait and India, helping her to have a more multi-cultural perspective
  • hear her belief around the thought that we all become like our parents and her philosophy around take the best qualities from your parents and leave behind the bad qualities
  • hear what lessons her father taught her her
  • hear the story of how her mother loved unconditionally
  • when we love, will we be taken advantage of?
  • how good comes to us
  • what happens when 2 core values we hold are at odds with each other
  • hear how her skepticism of being taken advantage had to look at her desire to love unconditionally and serve those who are multi-cultural
  • how much are you giving, how much are people taking advantage of you and how much are you allowing the business of what you do to lead.are you where you want to be
  • go to her facebook page to receive free answers to your questions on raising children:
  • her thoughts on George Floyd and racism
  • here how she did not realize she was living under a rock in the exact area she was working in
  • peaceful protest and covid-19
  • The Freedom Struggle as an example for the Asian culture. A group of young 25 year old boys who were revered for standing up with violent protests and for stealing money off of the trains. their desire for a unified India caused them to get violent in order to be heard
  • the story of my daughter Elisa when she has not been heard and what she taught me
  • the protesters, the agitators and the looters
  • the story of their evacuation during the gulf war and what happened on their return back
  • where does looting come from and the desire to take advantage of people in turmoil
  • the importance of real conscious conversations and what is needed when we are struggling
  • in the current environment more than ever, what is the benefit of welcoming all voices
  • how much of our biases are infused in us from everything we see in the life around us?
  • the importance of having a resource where we can talk to our children around racism, bullying, diversity and much, much more.
  • this idea that white is good and everything not white is not as good and why it ever started
  • “Fair and Lovely” campaign and how racism exist even within little and darker shade colors of black and brown skin people.
  • is beautiful made from being fair skinned?
  • do things come easier to pretty people?
  • there is also division of language and state
  • the desire to separate and the desire to unite and how bring empowerment, relatable stories and diverse voices writing book .
  • how to build a unified world
  • the need for brown parents to have conversations around what the brown community and all communities can do to un-box people
  • the world that is coming and the new boxes that will be created if we don’t break those molds before then
  • what’s one thing she would suggest to lean the world into a better direction
  • diversify your library and your life
  • knowledge and technology is growing so quickly and if we only deal with the problems of today, we will get left behind in the future, we must solve the problems of today so that we are prepared for the problems of tomorrow


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