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Ep 073 The Power of A Story with Dr. Adrienne MacIain

May 16, 2020

Dr. Adrienne MacIain is a professional storytelling coach, brand aligner, podcasterpublished author, and content creator who delights in using her PhD in Drama to help people spin the mucky straw of life experience into narrative gold.

She is the creator and host of the That’s Aloud podcast, where she uses her unique story discernment process to help folks tell the stories they’re not telling.

Video game fans may recognize her as the voice of multiple characters from the Nancy Drew HER Interactive series, Artemis from Super Monday Night Combat, or Nina and Bonnibel from Crush-Crush.

West Africans may recognize her as the white girl in that Super Nigui Saff clip. Others may know her as That Accent Lady from the YouTube video. Live aligned, and live aloud!

to learn more about her, checkout her website:

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what you will hear on this podcast:

  • how she brought out in me in her podcast the conversation I have longed to have on many podcasts, and how thankful I am to her for doing that. her podcast, That’s Aloud Podcast
  • is it possible to know each other longer than we know each other?
  • the story about she and her husband came together
  • what happens in that pivot point where we see someone we have seen before suddenly completely differently
  • the power of story
  • the availability of possibility – we are one piece away from an entirely new reality
  • holding onto what we have because we are too scared to let of it so that something new can come in – what stories are you holding onto . . .
  • the experience of being seen
  • seeing the person I wanted to be when I was with him and I loved her
  • the feeling of truly being loved
  • the myriad of reasons we make up to stay where we are when those reasons are not true
  • our brief rant on health care and our exit out
  • how she realized her purpose
  • why it is so important to tell our story
  • a story of abuse and the sad lesson she learned from it and how telling the story frees her from it
  • and we then unpacked it by going underneath even the story that freed her
  • why don’t people tell their stories ?
  • seeing the meaning of the story for other people too
  • how does story help brand alignment ?
  • what is it in the corporate world that makes people scared to tell their story
  • why do we all grow up with fear of failure? how did that story take hold? and walking back that story?
  • what has she found that allows people to drop their walls and tell their story without shame of being flawed?
  • a vulnerable share
  • a call to the community to help each other


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