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Ep 074 Regenerative Purpose with Wendy May

Published author, public speaker, purpose led enterpreneur-conscious business coach, former corporate climber and recovering achievement addict. She did all the things that she was supposed to do to become “successful”. She is a Harvard alumni, with a graduate business degree from UCLA and spent 15 years in corporate leadership and organisational consulting but when she got there, she felt exhausted and strangely empty.

In the opening chapter of her book, Regenerative Purpose she share the details of how she started on her own purpose journey. To make these big changes she had to “starve the ego to feed the soul.” she had to let go of old goals and old identities redefining her concept of success, and learn entirely new ways of being and leading in this world. Now she is here to serve as a purpose path guide, and process holder. She works with individuals and organizations who have a deep desire to participate in the co-creation of a new paradigm by saying yes to purpose and not just any purpose but the regenerative sort of purpose that is dynamic, interdependent, and cyclical in nature.

You can find out more about Wendy and get her book regenerative purpose through her website

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In this podcast you will hear:

  • the daughter of chemists, she realize she wasn’t into biology and realized she was more into people than labs
  • here how she has released herself from the trappings of life to live in a simple but beautiful place where the cost of living was dramatically different
  • how a big city can fry the nervous system and the effects of that life and not even knowing this was happening
  • the shift from 12-16 hour day to a life surrounded by nature
  • was it a courageous moment or an unavoidable moment that made her change
  • the choiceless choice
  • the certainly of knowing I needed to leave, and the uncertainty of not knowing where I was going
  • “taking a year off”
  • an event that happened that became a release for her to leave corporate
  • the benefit of painful experiences
  • the difficulty of superlatives and how to experience the heart
  • a simple beautiful moment of togetherness and love in contract to the isolation we have felt for months.
  • the power of being love and accepted.
  • the idea for her book is not her idea but a universal idea coming through her in a moment of emptiness
  • the resistance to writing a book and the voice that came to her to write
  • a year of service to being available to write and the support that came
  • the achievement addict mindset, redefining success and being a recovering achievement addict
  • that moment where she realized that she doesn’t need to make it all happen
  • when we are aligned with our purpose, everything aligns to help us
  • one piece of advice that allows the listener to slide everything they believe to the right to allow the miracle that comes when we let go
  • the paradox of a deeper truth: deeply relax and at ease in the way we show up and how necessary it is for us to fully show up and serve that movement
  • the action she took to remove her book from amazon and make the changes she has made to live her life in purpose
  • the 4 core qualities she speaks of in her book, Regenerative Purpose and her approach to the inner work of a living breathing regenerative purpose.
  • the simple spirituality of The Trashman
  • what was her purpose in writing Regenerative Purpose.
  • the one thing that peope could do to make this world a place she would like to give over to future generations.
  • devotional decision making
  • Get my book: Regenerative Purpose | com
  • the honor it is to meet people who put integrity and purpose above other things

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