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Ep 070 Finding Community with Paul Zelizar

May 11, 2020

Paul Zelizer is one of the first business coaches to focus on the needs of conscious business owners and social entrepreneurs and is the founder of Awarepreneurs. Paul helps spiritual entrepreneurs grow their businesses to new level while staying true to their deepest integrity

In this podcast you will hear. . .

  • the perception he had, the questions he asked and the experiences he had when he was 9 years old
  • hear the amazing question a young boy said to his new baby brother
  • does the imprint our parents give us stay with us and set the stage for the work we do later
  • the story of a family friend and how the words she said changed my life
  • diving into that moment when that family friend saw Paul and tryed to flush out exactly what she did in that pivotal moment, what was it about her demeaner or about her that got through when other can’t get through
  • hear how what he created filled up a need he had;
  • what is enlightened self interest
  • the single biggest gift, Freud’s idea of love and work and aligned work
  • what is what we give to others trying to give to us if we would receive it
  • the search for community, white flight and swastikers, and what you grew up with that was never meant to be anything but just creates a miss in our experience of what we want.
  • creating a diverse community of people that now feeds his soul and the souls of others.
  • how our deepest longing also scares us.
  • the power of the circle in indigenous community vs the hierarchal cultural we grew up in
  • what is one thing that could lean the world away from the nightmare into the fig
  • the single most powerful thing we have in where we put out human attention. when we align our attention to our ideals the world becomes a beautiful place.


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