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Ep 071 Men, Integrity and Honor with Michael Lauria

May 12, 2020

Michael helps Men create a life that is deeply connected to powerful core values and a well defined purpose.  Michael’s driving principles are ones of Meaning and Contribution believing that a Man embodies masculinity when he leads his family, and community towards positive change and self-empowerment with courage and deep connection with self.

He has been guiding Men for 15 years to live with an attitude of legacy and the intention to leave humanity better by engaging them in a purpose and vision that Is bigger than who they think they are.  He is the author of the bestselling book, “Forging Excalibur- Rediscover your Masculinity.



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facebook group for men: Forging Excalibur – Creating Knights from Men:


What you will hear in this podcast:

  • how Michael perceived me in his archetype types- a cross between the jester and the wizard
  • which of his parents approval did he most seek
  • the modern day stereotype of a man compared to how men were 35 years ago
  • the quest for an undefined version of success
  • the provider vs the deep connection to family
  • what he would say to woman who no longer believe that a man needs to be the sole provider, they want to do work they love and share this responsibility
  • the need for good conversation around a man’s feeling of responsibility by working and him being disengaged from the family
  • the place of a man and the place of a woman in relationship
  • has the role of a man evolved or is it the same as it has always been
  • the journey men had to go on to become deeply connected to themselves
  • bringing the inspiration from the time of knights to present day and why we need to go back 400 years to find lives of service.
  • a moment where I lose it and get really annoyed at what is being said
  • a very vulnerable discussion around the battle of when one of my core values disagrees with another core value that I have
  • how michael’s definition of core values changes the conversation for him and how he redefines core values in his definition with things that are important to him
  • what are core values in his belief system
  • my vulnerable conversation about having an affair and how I couldn’t only wear the hat of one of my core values all the time, the hats I wore changed from one core value to the other.
  • the power of discussion, the moment of choice, wearing 2 hats and the pressure cooker
  • Michael shares a moment where his value of his family and his core value of contribution stood eyeball to eyeball and what he did.
  • a discussion around truth and honesty
  • how happy I am that I showed up with the frustration I had and for you to see me in a different way
  • when you are at war with your own beliefs, nobody wins, what as a listener do you do?
  • the one thing everyone can do to make the world a better place

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