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Ep. 063 Freedom With Borders with Jeffery Davis

Apr 22, 2020

Jeffery Davis lived the life he thought everybody’ wanted him to live. He owned property in one of the most prestigious areas in San Francisco and worked in media sales, at Newsweek, The New Yorker, was involved with several start-ups, and was professionally invested in a business that had nothing to do with his passion; until he couldn’t pretend anymore.

He was out of touch with his feelings and unable to even recognize many of them; and although he was able to attract wonderful people as partners, he had no idea how to be a wonderful partner or how to create a fulfilling relationship.

He was disconnected.

Through his own learnings he created a practical process for people to follow to dive deep into what has been stopping them from living from their heart and gut (rather than always from the head), and the tools to powerfully create the lives they truly dreamt of living.

if you want a life full of joy with a fire in your belly, he wants you to know it is possible for you, just as it was possible for him.To learn more about Jeffery, please go to:

Also check out his 12 week course, “Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom” which oyu will find on his website.

what you will hear in this podcast:

  • when was the moment that the life others dreamed of living was not the life that was right for you
  • do you have life upside down?
  • living a life where the heart is the CEO and the mind is its personal assistant
  • the success that comes from living in your head and the dissatisfaction that cmes with that
  • leaving a legacy of love
  • how to hear the whisper of the heart over the yelling of the mind
  • hear about the process that brings your to your heart
  • what part forgiveness plays in opening up and listening to your heart
  • the fear of going into the heart and how scared we are of being hurt and how do people drop that silo of protection.
  • how important it is to have a good relationship with your self
  • the story of The Gardener and The Process of The Mosaic
  • a question that will give you some homework to do
  • how Family Feud becomes the root of how your values create your life and how our focus changes or actions
  • an exploration of how to integrate all of our core values so that they support each other rather than force us to choose one over the other
  • the practice of choosing a word as a theme for the year
  • what does freedom with boundaries mean?
  • can freedom with boundaries help to relieve the fear of being hurt
  • the gift of heartbreak
  • the story of The Trashman and the practice of compassionate listening
  • hear how the juxtaposition of stories relate to eachother and how a=our thoughts create our reality]
  • the book “Letting Go” by David Hawkins that Jeffery references around raising levels of consciousness
  • the power of Breath
  • listen to the words you say
  • “a complaint is just a poorly worded request.”
  • one thing all of us can do – “practicing compassion”

to find out more about Danny, please go to

and to buy a copy of The Mosaic, please go to:


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