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i am starting to build the network.
if you are willing to HELP create
this will be a one year trip across america
i will sit with people in bookstores,
in restaurants
at truck stops
in town squares and parks
and in people homes.
i will do media in every town, village and city i visit.
the idea is to reconnect a disconnected world
to make the united states of america
rather than the divided states of america
to find places where we agree
and to listen, really listen to each other
because i believe when a person feels heard,
there is connection.

so i will travel from town to village, to neighborhood to city
and listen.
i will have a sign that says
“please tell me your story”
and i will film it
or invite others to film it
and for those of you who choose to do so,
i invite you to send me a 2-5 minute video
telling me whatever you want to say.
my goal is to make a documentary
we are the voices of america
and my goal is to help our voices be heard
not in opposition but in celebration.

so if you want to donate,
help us set up a gofundme account
or help me find a sponsor to get a van
and wrap the van with The Mosaic Connection tour
and a list of all the sponsors on the van

if yo want to be a part of the conversation
let me stay overnight in your house, feed me a meal
set up an event in your town,
bring friends to you house,
connect with your local community,
and the one next to you, and the one next to that one
help get tv interview, radio or newspaper

if you are an organizer and are willing to help organize
set up the route,
contact the people
work with the media.
help in any way,
film the event, make a sign,
walk with me through your city,
build a website,
manage a landing page,
create a sales funnel,
put together a sponsorship deck
there are so many ways to help
please leave your name, email and phone number
or private message me
as the trip is conceptualizing
the tour is contagious.

the way of the Mosaic is to connect,
how can we connect to each other
and what can i do for you.

what do you want to say,
tell me your story
so i can share it on the road with others.

more to come as it unfolds.


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