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Ep 062 The Moment of the Feminine with Liz Lewinson

Apr 17, 2020

Liz Lewinson is an author, speaker, technologist, meditation teacher, and feminist. She is the author of “Women, Meditation, and Power;” “Power of the Loving Man;” and “American Buddhist Rebel: The Story of Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz,” winner of four literary awards.  She is Vice President of The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.

She began her career as a freelance journalist and segued into Hollywood public relations, landing A-list clients in a number of entertainment sectors. Intrigued by the field of computer science, she left public relations in the 90s and took in-depth training in computer science. She was soon managing complex, multi-million dollar I.T. projects for top Wall Street firms.  She recently worked as the Communications Manager for an ombudsman office in New Zealand.  She thought she would live in New Zealand for the rest of her life, but the USA called her back.


  • marriage, divorce and the blossoming of a child
  • can a change of location bring out parts of us than another area did not?
  • what we have been told to do vs what we know is the right thing to do
  • what it takes to make a decision and stick with it
  • the hesitancy to allow change to happen?
  • is change good?
  • the blessing of Coved-19
  • what has changed for her because of Coved-19?
  • is it possible to feel the feelings of others, what it feels like and how to use the breath to center yourself and return to what you feel
  • the power of the media and the stories it tells that are only a small part of the whole story
  • whatever your situation, use this time of Coved-19 to go one retreat
  • how to be present in this moment
  • what we are doing and who we are
  • if you can’t go outside, go within.
  • meditation is just a word, you can call it Tide Pods when you are still and focused, watch what happens.
  • hear what she says to people who are scared to slow down to get to know themselves
  • is the experience of stillness scary?
  • what is the fear? and how to ask the questions?
  • how to go into the fear and walk through it
  • why are people scared to be themselves
  • what conditions drove her to start meditating and how she stayed with it for now over 40 years
  • noticing the bubble of joy
  • what she believes is the core in-balance of the world
  • why she wrote the books she wrote and what she hopes will emerge as a result of it
  • fluidity is power
  • is the male dominant world being asked now to stand down and allow the receptivity of the feminine to lead the world now
  • hear how the flow of her life and the changes she allowed to happen shaped her life and made a great life for her
  • life is made beautiful by earning and how it can be done all online now
  • what is the Lenz foundation?
  • the place you get to where you have lived your life and then choose to life the life that brings you pleasure
  • finding the courage to allow people to say what they say and still believe what your truth is telling you
  • defending what is right against the loud voices that what to destroy it
  • change is coming
  • what the one thing is that she would want to give to the world to make it a place that would bring the world to a place which is one we would love to give over to future generations

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