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Ep 061 A Harvard Law Graduate’s Pivot Point with Julie Schechter

Apr 14, 2020

Julie Schechter is a Harvard law graduate and relationship wellness expert focusing on loneliness, millennial isolation, and how we can foster strong long-distance connections with our networks. 

She is also the founder and CEO of Small Packages, a curated care package company that sends love when you cannot be there in person. Small Packages are organized by 16 different life-event themes, from birthday celebrations, to breakups, to simply saying “Thank You”.

Choose what kind of love you want to send to someone special in just 5 minutes at

Julie’s work and opinions have been featured in numerous international publications, including The Everygirl, Elite Daily, and she was recently awarded a Visionary Women Grant by Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran.


What you will hear in this podcast:

  • The pivotal points that happen in life that change everything
  • Julie graduated from Harvard Law School and after a short time in a prestigious law office she realized it was not the right place for her to be
  • Hear about the misalignment she felt that she felt could be almost dangerous
  • When you are in a situation that feels a little off, you change small things, but when the misalignment is so big, I knew I had to leave
  • What to do if you are in a life that is misaligned
  • What it was about the moment that told her this is not for me
  • The warning signs and the physical feeling that makes the change unavoidable
  • What scared her the most about making this decision?
  • The two things that are crucial for getting through changes like this without fear
  • How important it is to love and support people and not have an agenda
  • The importance of cultivating your own personal board of directors tht you identify and listen to.
  • Growing up with a dad who is a documentary film maker and the rhythm of an entrepreneur
  • Hear about the common thread of those pivot moments where something just happens and you know it is time to change
  • Comparison to others, age and the feeling of not being where I am supposed to be
  • If you are worried about wasting time, the worst waste of time would be living a life you are not supposed to live
  • What would you say to someone who is asking I wonder if it is time for me to make a pivot
  • If people are scared would small changes do anything?
  • Building a business that could reach more people and give a sense of connection- the beginning of
  • The inspiration behind building a business that answers a need and how to make it easy to give people the sense that they are there when they cannot be physically there
  • What would be one thing people could do right now today to help the world feel more like the one we want to leave to future generations. Hear Julie’s response.

To learn more about Julie, please go to:

Or find her on Instagram at:  small_packages_co

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