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Ep 064 The Beauty of Remembering Who You Are with Renata Maniaci

Apr 24, 2020

Renata Maniaci is an Awakening Agent – Conscious Content Creator – Podcast Host

A Columbia University grad and a former Fulbright Scholar, Ren went from full-on research, academia & science into energy medicine, massage school, and spirituality in under a year. Ren continues to make that journey from the head to the heart by allowing the soul into embodiment more and more, and assisting humans with their awakening process

Ren founded Hana Healing Arts LLC, a spiritual healing practice using energy medicine, consciousness clearing tools, and angelic helpers to serve in one’s awakening. Their company, Up Up & Awaken Productions creates transformational and conscious content designed to assist humanity through the awakening process.

Ren is gender fluid and uses “they/them” pronouns. They love spiritual humor, hearing about and sharing metaphysical experiences via their podcast Let’s Get Metaphysical, and assisting the return to Divine balance of the above and below, the feminine and the masculine, the material and the spiritual.

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what you will hear about in this podcast:

  • some of the assumed realities spoke of here will be new for some. whether it is new or not, allow the possibility of a new way of seeing the world to open you up to a new reality
  • see and hear how awkward it is to use gender fluid language and learn what is behind it
  • how we are approaching brand new paradigms globally around the masculine and feminine energy
  • the change of perspective that comes in the meaning we give to words
  • growing up without a dad, unworthiness, her mother and her step dad
  • that moment when Renata came out of “the closet” to speak the truth of their soul that we are spiritual being having a temporary human experience
  • a look at reincarnation
  • do you have the freedom to let go of what you believe and allow a new energy to enter
  • the absence of fear
  • the beautiful process of remembering
  • have a listen to what Renata is remembering as to why we are here
  • the grand awakening of this planet
  • the shift from form to energy
  • the shift from a 3D world to a 5D world and Renata’s experience of why gender fluid language is so important and other things that can still be uncomfortable in the transition
  • find what blocks you from receiving new information and let it go and allow new information to come in
  • what is one thing people could do right now every day to help the world get to be the place you want to give to future generations.

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