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Ep 037 The Power of Choice with Tommy Breedlove

Oct 16, 2019

I never spoke to Tommy before this podcast, never saw him or even heard of him before, but something about his story intrigued me when I saw it in an email from a service that present podcasters with guests. Our conversation was real, and raw and rich and filled with valuable nuggets that can be applied to life instantly.

From overcoming incarceration as a young man to working at the largest financial consulting firms in the world he gained business notoriety and financial success. He became Senior Partner, International Practice Leader and Member of the Board of Directors. He looked successful on the outside, but was crumbling on the inside and almost lost everything. Tommy made the choice to transform his life and follow his true calling and believes his purpose is to empower humans to build a legendary life.

In listening to his story, it once again touches me that where we are in any moment is only where we are in that moment. One piece away, one connection, one change in the connection we make opens up a whole new reality. Listen in, a new life awaits you.

  • The effect of beginning life growing up with extreme abuse in the home
  • A survival technique of forgetting
  • People that are bullied become the bullies and what happens in that process
  • The moment he realized the way he grew up was not “normal”
  • The moment of realization at 36 years of age
    • Seemed successful outside, but crumbling inside
    • Enough is enough
  • What do you do when you look in the mirror and see someone you don’t want to see?
  • What he tried to lock away?
    • The feeling of never being safe
    • Always feeling scared
    • What were you actually scared of?
    • You get numb to the physical pain, but the emotional pain stays with you all the time, until I said enough is enough.
      • The Beast never goes away, but we can find ways to minimize it
    • Outsourcing my love to the things around me and never feeling like the man I wanted to be with her
    • The power of feeling loved
    • The moment where “Enough became enough.”
    • The darkest places on earth that exist in every city, those pits that exist and how none of it filled the void
    • What it means to not be able to feel.
    • The moment just on the other side of “Enough is enough.”
    • A place is Tennessee that pulled me apart and put me back together
      • A moment where I saw the world for the first time in complete peace
      • That feeling that maybe I am going to be ok
    • The experience of oneness, of everything we saw before is not what we see anymore.
    • Looking at the mosaic of choices we make that create the life we live.
    • What happens when we actually look at the things we are scared to look at?
    • The Vision Quest 11 day experience and The Shaman
    • The Moment when I looked at my fears and thanked them
      • They became a platform to stand on rather than an anchor holding me back
    • The ascension out of the darkness
    • Tennessee showed me I Am Not Alone
      • The feeling of calm I wanted the rest of my life
      • Making yourself your full time job
    • The transition from the most disliked person in the office to the most beloved and cutting out the negative influences in my life.
    • My network saw the transformation in me and wanted it
      • And finally I decided to leave what I was doing and help people in their transformation
      • People come to me to improve their business, but every single time I help them transform themselves first.
    • Email him directly at
    • Check him out at
    • The thing that surprises him the most
      • It always starts with being a better business person
      • In 100% of the cases of peole I work with, the most suprising thing I see is that who people are to the world around them and who they are to their most intimate partner is always different. The people closest to us, we treat the worst. That surprises me.
      • The most important relationship is our relationship to ourself.
    • The one thing I always thought was true, but now see it isn’t true.
    • That moment where you go from where you know everything to the moment you realize that you don’t know anything.
      • What he says to help you disconnect fro who you are not
      • Participation in you own rescue
        • What is the one thing in you life if you gave it up you r life would improve 1000 fold. Find that and get help in that place
        • Everything is a choice.
      • Watch for his book, “Legendary” coming out soon
        • It is a playbook of simple tools and tactics for building a legendary life you can be proud of.
        • Pre-order it today. Should be available by the end of the year.
      • Hear his beautiful answer the question I ask to end every podcast.

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