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Ep 034 The Magic Outside Your Comfort Zone with Dr. Morgan Oaks

I have only had the chance to get to know Dr. Morgan recently, but the few encounters i have had with him show him to be an open and sensitive man who has the ability to listen and draw out of people who they actually are.

He is TedX Speaker and Host of the “Intuitive Wisdom for Modern Transformation Podcast”, which I have had the honour of being a guest on.

Dr. Morgan Oaks is a gifted visionary who shares what he’s learned as a transformational speaker, high performance coach, and shamanic practitioner.  He inspires audiences to trust their intuition and to courageously live a life of inspired action.

From the podcast:

The kid who wanted to be racing BMX or trail bikes.

What does it really mean that the magic happens when you really push the edge of life you find your magic

The magic of outside the comfort zone and the crash and burn of going over the edge.

What gives you the courage to get out of your comfort zone?

The lessons of the 5 year old kid who raced bikes  fearlessly.

The façade of social media.

What to do when the weight of the world pushed us to go back to beliefs we don’t believe?

Hear how the little things become the big things.

The fear of emptiness. Listen to his wisdom around getting past survival and then thriving.


Finding the things that make the other 4-5 things fall into place.

Listen to hear what is a shaman and what is shamanic work?

The practice of meeting people where they are at. Listen to see how we all have experience these intuitive flashes already.

Listen to Morgan’s thougths on plant medicine and to find out more about Shamanism he suggests reading “The Four Fold Way” by Angeles Arrien

We all have our own answers. So, how do we sell our selves and our programs if this simple truth is true? Why do we need teachers when everything we need is inside of us. Listen to this discussion and see what you think.

Listen to his thoughts on finding gratitude.

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