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Ep 035 Your Voice Matters with Nicole Hogue

Oct 11, 2019

I recently discovered Nicole while I was searching for a photo to use for a Facebook post I was wanting to make about the topic “Your voice matters.” When I visited her website, there was something there. It wasn’t in the words she wrote or the videos she made, but there was something that said to me connect with her and invite her onto your podcast.

Nicole Hague is a 3-time cancer survivor turned Certified Life Coach. She’s living proof that it’s possible to make your dreams a reality. And that you can live a happy, peaceful, and fulfilled life even when it feels like anxiety, uncertainty, or adversity will get the best of you.


Podcast Highlights


  • how a random meeting can turn into something more
  • holding the space to drop the wall that separates us from each other
  • how one question can start a whole conversation
    • a question about what her parents did opened up a whole discussion around never feeling the presence of her parents in life
    • She was told to remain quiet, not tell anyone about her circumstances because people would take her away from her mom
    • How staying under the radar became the life she had to live
    • it is amazing how often the earliest years of our life plant the seeds in us for how we will live the rest of our life.
      • Is it any wonder that the work she does now is around finding our voice
    • The Lilac Café
    • I realized, “I have hidden all of me all my whole life.”
      • Never let anyone close
      • Didn’t have any idea what it meant to be myself
    • The story of multiple awakenings
    • The feeling of not knowing myself enough to write my own bio
    • Following the intuition of the connection and being brave enough to let the moment guide you
    • For all those who feel their voice doesn’t matter
    • We don’t always get what we want, but we do get what we need.
    • When she got cancer for the 3rd time, hear what happened
    • The prayer that came true and carrying out on the promise I made when I asked that my prayer be answered
    • Hear the questions Nicole asks to find the courage to move forward
    • The Mirror Maker from my book “The Mosaic” comes to share a message with Nicole
    • The surprise of seeing everything differently
      • From Why Me to sparking this spiritual awakening
      • A breakdown moment
        • when will enough be enough to you decide when enough is enough.
        • The choices we make create the life we live
        • Moving the Mosaic piece from where it is to another place
      • Her she removes herself from the stories she knows to write new stories
    • The transition from working one on one with people who are invisible to sharing more of the lessons I learned with people so they do not have to go through them on their own.
    • Working with inner peace as their guide
    • For those who come with hard stories, how do you get people to even know there is a place called inner peace?
    • The first thing I would invite people to do to help them slow down
    • A list of questions you can ask
    • Why people come to work with Nicole. What is the overriding reason?
    • One of the few people that answered yes to a question I always ask. An why she answered yes.

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