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Ep 038 It All Starts With You with Violette de Ayala

Oct 24, 2019

Violette de Ayala is a Cuban-American serial and social Entrepreneur, Founder of FemCity®, and virtual mentor to over 20,000 women. She’s also the author of The Self-Guided Guru© Lessons for Everyday Humans 

Violette has been quoted and appeared in  many of the best known magazines, served as part of The White House: and has been a Keynote speaker for major organisations.

Her mission, FemCity has over 125 locations in the US, Canada and the Islands.

Violette and Stephen and have three kids that span mid 20’s to tween age. Their gracefully aging rescue dog, Cosmo is a frequent pseudo star on her instagram.

This is a fabulous conversation and a must listen for anyone who feels that their circumstances define their reality. Listen as Violette de Ayala rediscovers her purpose after wanting her whole life, to do something and then being told it was not practical.

This is a great podcast for anyone wanting to overcome their circumstances and do more in the world. This is for those who are tired of blaming others, or the world for the circumstances of life and who realize, it all starts with you.

Listen to this podcast to hear how:

Who she wanted to be her whole life and how in high school someone told her something that made her abandon those first dreams. 

How powerful our words are and the affect we can have on another person. 

A latch key kid, both parents working and how her mother’s addiction to perception drugs impacted her. That moment when Violette realized her mom was never going to get well and how she dealt with that.

The moments she remembers, glimpses of greatness in mothering where she knew her mom loved her and the next day she was totally gone.

A touching moment that is lovely to hear but she has put it all out of her mind and heart and made her peace with it and is ok with what is and how it made her a better mother and human being.

Violette makes peace with an emotionally abusive mother who would pull her in close only to hurt her deeply in the next moment by discarding her emotionally.

Getting love from other mother like figures who helped her be who she is now. The effect of seeing other mothers in close relationship with their daughters.

A personal moment from me and what my friend Intuitive, Sonia Choquette told me. And a moment Violette shares of James Van Prugh about choosing our life.

What surprises her most?

How she realizes that every thing she went through became a possibility for her to share things with others

What is FemCity?

She started a movement called FemCity, that now has chapters in 125 cities and how a series of Aha moments and the sacrifice of everything she had led to FemCity. 

How a need she felt in her own life led her to create a safe space for other woman and how woman in other cities wanted to do it too.

Creating a place where woman could be friends.

How what she created is different from a networking group?

What actually happens in a FemCity group and the type of woman FemCity is looking to have. The beauty of meeting people who are different and seeing the similarities, a very Mosaic like idea.

The perspective that makes the whole feel of life change.

A look into her snippet of the world.  As you see the world, the world becomes. Invite people into your home. Kindness starts with you.

i hope you enjoy the honesty of this conversation and will check out Violette’s mission on her website:

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