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Ep 033 How to Find The Gold Behind The Shadow with Monica Pelayo

Sep 25, 2019

Monica Pelayo is a certified integrative life coach, experienced shadow work expert, and mother of two boys. She’s been a student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) for over two decades was personally trained in the work of the Shadow by Debbie Ford.

She was kind enough to do some work on me and even though in the beginning i was a little guarded, the more we worked together, the more we touched some really powerful stuff.

Monica has found that our biggest gifts have been darkened by our rejection of our own shadows, and believes that our purpose in this life is to become whole again. Her mission is to guide women to embrace their whole self by finding the gold behind the Shadow – the part of us we’ve been hating and hiding – so we can bring this into the light and shine brighter. She is the founder of The Gold Behind the Shadow Retreat and course, and is well known in the personal and business development industry for her signature VIP Process sessions for coaches and thought leaders.

To find out more about Monica, please visit her website:

In this podcast, we speak about:

  • A spontaneous set of circumstances brought us together and Monica from that conversation offered to give me a session to uncover my shadow.
  • How The Beast in my book The Mosaic and the Shadow Work Monica does work together.
  • How one question can alter a whole conversation
    • When I asked her what her parents did, the story she told me fascinated me.
      • A fascinating story of her father came out
      • And how the love of her mother changed her life by making her feel completely loved to how she became afraid if she could ever be loved liked that again.
      • The story we create from the words we are told
    • How we are defined in the eyes of people by who they think we are
  • How the story of her dad dying brings out in her something she normally doesn’t share
    • A mystical experience that happened
    • And how the family and church tried to tell her much she saw was evil
  • A meeting with a psychic and how he told her he knows what she sees
    • The story that follows explains so much, not only to Monica but to all of us when we do not listen.
    • This is the dance of her shadow
    • How she can see more than she ever tells people she can see
    • Learning how to use the shadow rather than have the shadow use us.
    • The story of my daughter Elisa that taught me the stages of destruction that happens when we do not listen.
  • How holding the space for a person allows them to see their world in a different, deeper more significant way
  • An invitation to see what we don’t see
  • We come here for a mission
    • When things happen that we feel should have been different, we need to integrate the things we are being told
    • The review of her life in integrating all of these pieces of her life
  • You know you have a shadow when you cringe when you think people will see you.
  • When you do this work, you must be integrated with your truth. The work is about becoming big again.
  • There is gold behind the things you do not want to hear.
  • The Course in Miracles, “I give meaning to what I see.”
  • Why we do not want to see
    • It hurts too much
    • A lot of adults have unhealed children that we keep in the shadow
  • Is The Shadow a part of our mission or is it only when we get through the Shadow that we find our mission?
    • The things vs. the stories
    • We call it The Shadow because we reject it. When we put a light on it, we see our pain and get through it
  • Why do we create the stories that say pain is not good? That The Shadow is bad?
    • Success comes with a lot of failures
    • When we get to a place of success, The Shadow comes to heal the stories we have told about him.
  • The Four Stages of Connection and how the work of The Shadow is the work of coming home.
    • The comfort of knowing I’ve got you.
    • The love of being there for another person.
    • When we love this way, The Shadow speaks to us.
  • Fertile Listening
  • How who you think people are may not be who they are.
  • An interesting first perspective to my last question. You must hear it.

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