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Ep 020: Chant The Name of God with Tina Malia

Jul 21, 2019

This is a must listen to podcast. Tina and I jump right into a conversation that seems so easy and yet within each story there are big lessons for all of us to hear.

* Raised in the suburbs of Denver, her mom gave her the precision of a concert pianist and her dad gave her the freedom and compassion of friendship. She was raised as many of us were thinking that her path was to go to school, college, get married and find a career, but none of that resonated with her.

* depression and its role in the development of her entire life

* no mater where you are, you are not there always, just there now.

* we have become removed from some of the things that inherently bring us peace. this is a story of a round peg that never fit into a square hole and she had the courage to find the place where she belonged.

* seeing the world she was in didn’t seem to feel comfortable, she picked up and drove her minivan to California to be where the people who wrote books she read lived and she met Jai Uttal and was invited to sing with him and join his newly formed group “The Love Pagan Orchestra”.

* Her dance with depression and the vibration that elevates us above problems and differences is why you want to jump in right now and listen to this podcast.

Tina Malia is a musical visionary in the world, dream pop and sacred chant communities, who embraces the heart through original compositions that elate and inspire. 

Her all-encompassing worldview and artistic perspective have led Tina to collaborations with iconic artists such as India.Arie, Deva Premal & Miten, Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Idan Raichel, Bassnectar, and Kenny Loggins.  Tina’s prodigious talent is evidenced by her self-produced catalog of albums: Shores of Avalon, Jaya Bhagavan, The Silent Awakening, The Lost Frontier, Bridge to Vallabhaand Anahata.

Thrilled to be bringing her musical inspiration for the first time to Uddevalla, Malia reflects,   “Music, through its sheer beauty, has the power to free the heart, uplift the soul and connect communities all over the world.  When we gather together to sing, dance, pray and remember our connection to life and one another, we are touched by the simple act of love moving through sound.  I can not think of a better way to spend my time than sharing this joy.” 

Winner of four Global Peace Song Awards, Malia’s music has been acclaimed by audiences the world over, radio, press and industry tastemakers, including Echoes’ John Diliberto, Kenny Loggins, Jai Uttal, Bassnectar, Yoga Journal, Zone Music Reporter,Music Connection and Huffington Post.  


to listen to and buy her music, go to:


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