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Ep 67 The Power of Telling Your Story with Michelle E. Watson

Apr 28, 2020

Michelle E. Watson is passionate about helping women tell their stories so they can find healing from chronic pain induced by emotional and mental trauma.

The founder of both Peaceful Heart Coaching and The Charming Artist, she uses art of many forms to entertain and inspire others.her book, Peaceful Heart, Healthy Body is a memoir of one woman’s journey to find the balance between faith and knowledge. Michelle Watson has experienced every type of healing available. She has endured surgeries, experienced miracles,and known the power of God’s presence.

What do you do when the doctors can’t tell you what is wrong? Whom do you turn to when you need answers, but none can be found? Michelle knows the only one to turn to when there is nowhere else to turn is God. doctors don’t always know the answer but Fortunately, Michelle has lived through it all, and she now shows with you how to have a peaceful heart so you can have a healthy body.

what you will hear in this podcast:

  • 30 years of migraine headaches, medications that helped, a move that stopped her from taking my medications and then a miraculous healing
  • the nature of prayer
  • what happened in that moment and the pivot point in why this prayer worked when others didn’t
  • miracles happen when you are no longer willing to tolerate what you have
  • ailments, prayers, and having it out with God
  • does God give us pain?
  • does all pain have the same solution?
  • how to get through a crisis of faith
  • what to do when you pray to god over and over and there is no change your situation?
  • when is enough, enough?
  • why do bad things happen to good people
  • what happens in that one moment that didn’t happen in the 25 years you’ve had the same pain before?
  • when the work of doctors doesn’t work and prayers do and when prayers don’t work but the surgery of doctors does work
  • what is her pain trying to say to her?
  • what happens to us is not about us, it is about who we can help through telling their story
  • the body holds trauma that doctors can not heal; but when you tell your story, the healing comes.
  • the one story she hasn’t told
  • the prospect of a surgery that made her break down and cry and telling her story to one person and how telling one neutral person her story healed her pain
  • the talk – yell – tantrum – attack story of my daughter and listening
  • hear what her body wants to say to her
  • our pain can vanish by telling our story
  • what is the one story we hold that if we told it would free us from the pain we carry?
  • would life be boring without pain?
  • so much of the pain comes from trauma’s that are not dealt with

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