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Ep 066 Everything IS Possible with Iliyana Palova

Apr 27, 2020


my guest today realize that a fulfilled life is possible if you make the decision to be limitless by overcoming your fears, eliminating your limited believes and following your dreams! Create crystal clear BIG vision, commit to do the work consistently and execute the plan. Unlimited happiness is POSSIBLE! All you need is Strong Mindset.

she wants people to know you can have it all if you develop a limitless mindset and have clarity on your big vision and she would love to support you in your journey.

here is what you will hear on this podcast:

  • the sweetness in iliyana that is immediately obvious just in hearing her voice
  • those moments when she realized that the life she wanted was possible
  • asking for what you want, removing the obstacles that keep you from having it and then opening up and receiving it
  • the challenges of poverty and the absence of her mom working to help the family and her feeling of needing to be independent to be able to help her parents
  • where does your authority come from?
  • what do you believe about your story? how do you think about? what could be more powerful than the life you are right now living? hear her realization of it in that moment.
  • the words we speak that rob us of the experience of our experience
  • what most scares her?
  • if you dare to look inside yourself, you will find everything you are looking for.
  • the reality about negative thoughts
  • how past thoughts recycle to recreate our current and future realities
  • fighting for what we think we should have vs accepting what we have been given and seeing the goodness in it
  • what do you do when new information comes to you
  • why in art does contrast make something beautiful but in life differences separate us and alienate us?
  • the gift we each have been given and sharing that gift with all
  • seeing the beauty in who we are
  • thoughts- words – stories- life
  • the courage it takes to get out of seeing the world we see differently, have the courage to be unique and find what will help us live a better life
  • see the world she sees, one that she wants to hand over to future generations and what you can do this moment to see that world.


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