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Ep 080 You Have to Breathe: Your Voice Matters with Joe Pryor

Jun 7, 2020

Joe Pryor, is the author of Unlikely Destiny a book that has receive high regards from both celebrities and ordinary people. it is available wherever books are sold or on amazon.

A quote from Unlikely Destiny

“Have you ever really looked at yourself in the mirror? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are you here?” Have you ever thought about your true purpose in life, or your Destiny? These are just a few of the questions I’ve asked you to think about, while reading Unlikely Destiny Volume One. The idea behind every question is to get you to think! To keep you always thinking outside the box. To think about every person you’ve met on your journey in life and why you invited them into your environment. The environment I speak about is YOU.”

Joe is a patented inventor, a former dedicated law enforcement officer and a security consultant to high profile celebrities and corporate executives.

Joe’ s FOCUS FORWARD mindset has translated his dreams into reality. In his book he shares his easy common-sense steps, that helped him overcome the odds to find personal and professional success through understanding his UNLIKELY DESTINY.

it is those odds again that we as a nation need to overcome if we will ever achieve our purpose to fulfil our Unlikely Destiny as a world nation.

If ever the country needed someone like Joe, it is now and so I invited Joe to be with me today to discuss race relations, growing up black in Watts/Compton, being a police officer and i wanted to lean upon his wisdom to hopefully share some insight as to where do we go from here.

Joe has decided to come and be with us today, on June 7th, his birthday and at the time of this recording the world is experiencing its 13th day of mostly peaceful protests and unrest in opposition to the public lynching of a black man by the knee of a white police officer as he repeatedly said “I can’t breathe.” while the nation watch and no one stood up to stop this murderer.

What you will hear on this podcast

  • his words on celebrating his 60th birthday, one that he did not ever think he would reach
  • how hard it is to believe it is 2020 and we are still having this conversation
  • watching people die in Vietnam and the Gulf War and thinking that is not happening here, but living the reality of a black or brown person, it is happening here
  • I can’t breathe, one nation being held down by another
  • the advances of technology that made the truth finally irrefutable
  • seeing what he saw growing up, how in the world did he decide to be a police officer
  • deliberate acts vs mistakes or accidental behaviour
  • being an individual rather than being controlled by the crowd around you
  • standing up to those who are misusing their authority
  • standing up to authority when you know you will be targeted
  • it is not training, it is the individual
  • the advantage of growing up with a diverse community of people
  • the 90-10 rule
  • what happens when the 10% infiltrate into our leadership?
  • the 2 black man in a Porsche story
  • the elderly woman and the pepper spray story
  • link to his first podcast on The Mosaic Podcast: Ep 08 An Unlikely Destiny
  • how is it possible that the colour of a person’s skin should draw so much hatred
  • the liquid courage of the gun and the badge and the story of a little white man and the problem he had with him
  • the difference in what different colors of humanity do when they are in trouble
  • defunding the police departments?????
  • is the determent a big enough determent
  • can we get out of this situation or do we just need to do our best
  • the community of Russian Jews, the police and taking care of it on their own
  • the bigger conversation is not about the police but about how do we find trust
  • risking their life to protest the unfair treatment of people
  • why we don’t stand up to authority?
  • even in the highest branches of government we know what the leaders are doing is wrong and we try to stand up and get fired and lose our live. it happens in sports in business, in education. the police are the needle in the haystack.
  • the change that is happening now and where do we go from here
  • a deliberate action is not a mistake
  • when the 90% takes action, the importance of voting and putting leadership in check
  • what is different now than the protest of the 60’s
  • is the loss of the religious institution of the church in our communities are less present
  • what is the human factor?
  • my shame in experiencing the White Flight Syndrome and systemic racism ad getting rid of the inherited bias of racism
  • my experience of being a minority of one in a room where the majority was black
  • if there ever is going to be change, someone has to do it.

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