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Ep 079 The Practice of Be More Dog with Jim Nelson & Rene Agredano

Jun 6, 2020


Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano are a married couple who live, work and write from the road in their RV. Their nomadic life began in 2007, when they sold their home, business and nearly everything they owned to travel with their terminally-ill dog, Jerry.

Given just a few months to live after his leg amputation, Jerry’s bone cancer diagnosis at age eight turned their lives upside down and around. But against all odds, Jerry defied the bleak prognosis. He enjoyed two unforgettable years hopping along on three legs, from coast-to-coast and back again. Wherever he went, his joyful nature inspired others to look beyond adversity and embrace the present moment.

The trio founded, the world’s largest support community for three legged pets and their people. Later in 2014 they formed the non-profit Tripawds Foundation to aid amputee pets. The couple continues managing Tripawds and chronicling their travels at

What is our purpose?

Rene: To help underserved people and animals feel heard, supported and valued.

Jim: I believe I am here to help people Be More Dog, especially in times of distress or challenge. Jerry taught us about Resilience, Acceptance, Perseverance, Lovingkindness, Awareness, Gratitude…I’m paying that forward.

Instead of just “helping people smile” as I originally answered, I do the work I do to help pet parents cope with difficult situations by following their dog’s lead.

what you will hear in this podcast:

  • a love story on many levels
  • how 2 people and one dog deal with a terminal diagnosis given to their dog and create a new life from it
  • what in the world possessed them to completely change their lifestyle and go out on the road with a 3 legged terminally ill dog?
  • how Jerry, their dog, showed them how they had lost the very thing they loved about life
  • diving into the pivot point a little deeper of what happened in that moment
  • how Jerry’s diagnosis brought light to and coincided with a moment of burnout that they only now saw
  • the crack where the light comes in. a line from a Leonard Cohen song resonates with them
  • the daily routine of no routine helped Jerry hold on as Jim every night spoke to hi and told him just hold on buddy
  • how the thought of a one year sabbatical from life turned into an entirely new life
  • hear how everything conspired to move them along their journey
  • are there moments of regret?
  • the walked into two big trends unknowingly: the nomadic lifestyle and the minimalist
  • the role of Jerry in teaching them how to deal with having conflict when living in such a small space
  • putting what they love ahead of everything else
  • has this lifestyle become a new comfort zone?
  • with RV parks shutting down due to the pandemic, Rene wondered if the lifestyle without water, and sewage was still right.
  • what scares them the most about the lifestyle they are living
  • a book that helps them to look at fear: Fearvana
  • what was the biggest surprise? and what completely changed in the way you live life now
  • when does Jerry stop being the teacher and you grow into the space of seeing how awesome you are?
  • how our stories make sense until they no longer make sense?
  • from 3-legged’s to 2 legged’s and taking the lesson they learned in a time of adversity to being the stories that inspire others now
  • the possible development of owning the new brand “Be More Dog”.
  • the need for people to hear the message of what people are really like out there?
  • the story of the pear tree
  • the dropping of the gun, the loss of fearing others and the beauty of reframing your life through making a choice
  • the power of Viktor Frankel’s words
  • the one thing . . .

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