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Ep 030 Angelic Sound Code Healing with Mei-lan Mauritas


It is my purpose to connect people to their heart and guide them back to their soul light and purpose.
My method is Angelic sound healing. My connection to Spirit allows me to attune myself to the language of your soul which I then channel into a beautiful song with a message and light language. The song invokes a deep remembrance within you—it is my intention with these songs to connect you to source energy and anchor that energy down into your body to align you with heaven and earth.
I have spent many years searching for answers of who I am and why I’m here. It wasn’t until I went deep within and connected to my soul that my life began to change. An awareness began to fill me: I am a sovereign being who is here for a specific reason and purpose. The next step was finding my purpose and once I did I felt the deepest sense of peace and fulfillment.
Ever since, I have dedicated myself to assisting and guiding the light workers, keepers of the earth, and star seeds to find their souls path and higher purpose so we can heal and impact our world.
If you feel the stirring in your soul to connect to your true purpose, send me a private message on this page and we’ll begin the discovery—together.

In this podcast we talk about:

  • a reconnection of our hearts with a person we did not know, but both of us felt instantly drawn to spend more time with each other.
  • What we thing we know is so much less than what the world wants to give us
  • What it is, is love because love is who we are.We are s=more alike than we are separate. When intention is clear, it is felt.
  • How Trust and Surrender work with each other.
  • The disarming that happens when you just let the sound in
  • Growing up singing in a cult and how music moved from being a chore to something that moved her deeply.
  • The yearning to feel connection, the yearning of her soul to feel connected to source
  • So many of us feel stuck in the “cult” of our environments that once felt right and now don’t, how do we have the courage to surrender and trust everything will be ok.
  • The way trust works
  • Trust and the voice that tells you there is something more
  • Creating the space to trust the yearning
  • Understanding the voices that live within us
  • The thing that gives us the most joy is “the thing” that leads us to our purpose. Our gift is our purpose.
  • Allowing the process of our evolution to happen.
  • An intimate experience of breath
    • Wayne Dyer and the frequency of a sound
    • Listening, then creating and then healing the place where she had no voice.
  • the beauty of being where she is now and the things that happened to get her there.
  • How she stays innocent and clean when thousands of people love her and tell her how much they love her work. How she doesn’t get lost in her ego.
  • The innocence of Mei-lan and the characters in my book, The Mosaic and how they both are teaching me the humility that comes with surrender.
  • The embarrassment and shame of the natural
    • What I was taught vs. what my connection truly was
    • The desire to be accepted
    • The fear of being perceived as crazy
  • an experience and an opening
  • is this the world you always dreamed of giving to your children and yur children’s children

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