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Ep 029 Life Beyond Personality with Jez Alborough

Sep 5, 2019

One of the reasons I created The Mosaic Podcast is to show in the beautiful life of people everywhere, that who they are in the moment is just that who they are in this moment, but not who they are in totality. So often, we forget all that has happened and all that still awaits us and we define ourselves by our experience in this moment. We are not who we are in this moment, but rather we are The Mosaic of all of our moments.

Jez Alborough’s life illustrates this point beautifully. Jez is an award-winning, bestselling creator of children’s picture books, which have sold over 8 million copies.

But in 2004 he suffered a breakdownwhich gradually turned into a breakthrough; after seven years of suffering and introspection, his identification with personality fell away. He now shares what he has found through his Life Beyond Personality books and videos.


In this podcast, we talk about:

  • going beyond our parameters to do what we thought we could never do
  • how showing up is more important than how good how good you are at something
  • understanding the role of timing
  • the agenda of the personality
  • the freedom that exists in the life beyond personality
  • the feeling that is always there that once it opens is beyond our personality
  • what is “life beyond our personality”?
  • the art of story telling and how to build a great story
  • the opening he experienced
  • knowledge vs. knowing
  • the “one” that exists in the joys of my life and the depth of my pain
  • enquiry: how you get to a life beyond personality.
  • The 4 aspects of how to get to the life beyond personality
    • Stillness
    • Full feeling engagement with life – feeling our feelings
    • Choice-less Awareness vs. Personality Awareness
    • Joy
  • You are not your personality

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