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Ep 023 Video Storytelling with Jude Charles

Jude creates films and documentaries for his clients that bring out the human story behind the brand.  His videos bring out the essence of who you are.

He is a story driven filmmaker. He has worked with Google, Caldwell Banker and Steve Harvey. He digs deeps to find the compelling stories no one else knows and leverages that for higher impact.

When Jude was growing up he wanted to be a police offer. He loved and still loved the adrenaline rush that comes from life and he wanted to be a policeman so he could be involved in high speed car chases. He also loved telling stories and writing these stories down.

Turning these stories into videos, his TV production teacher taught him everything she knew and suggested he start a video creation business.  Hear the story of the following day and what happened . . .

Find out what scared him the most and then listen to what comes out when he is invited to go deeper.

Hear the heartfelt desire to be supported and his journey to finally get the approval of those whose support he wanted. And hear what gave him the courage to keep going.

The struggle of the first 5 years and the key he found to get through the struggle. And then what happened in the moment he said I have to make a decision.

When he changed the questions he asked, he received different answers. Answers that helped him.

The 359 and how it helps us to see the world we see more fully.

Hear how the demons that try to destroy us can help us rebuild

It isn’t so much following what people do, but rather finding the why that drives them to do what they do so that it inspires you to find your why to do what you are meant to do.

Who you are and how you show up means more to people than what you do. When everything is quiet, what speaks?

This is just a taste. Listen to this podcast to hear a whole lot more and when you are intoxicated with Jude and who he is, please go to his website and see how he can help you achieve what you want to achieve

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