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Ep 012: It Is Time To End Slavery with Beth Tiger

[podcast src=”” width=”100%” height=”90″ scrolling=”no” class=”podcast-class” frameborder=”0″ placement=”top” use_download_link=”use_download_link” download_link_text=”Download Episode!” primary_content_url=”″ theme=”custom” custom_color=”000000″ libsyn_item_id=”10180559″ /]It is hard to believe that in the world we live in, one in which we have made so many advances to better humanity, slavery still exists. And it exists in every nation around the world, not just third world countries where people are paid wages that seem inhumane, but even here in America.

Listen in on our conversation as we talk about companies that we buy things from that do not practice fair trade, to the affect that has on the energy of what is created; the clothes we wear, the foods we eat and even the crystals we use to protect and heal us.

There is an energy in all things, sentient and non-sentient that lives within everything that is created. Could it be that we feel this energy? That we are more emphatic than we think we are? And could it be that this energy affects our wellbeing?

So many of my conversations are on the power of the many, but I also stand in awe of Beth and the work she has done as one person helping many get involved to help even more. Beth is a living example of the power of the piece within the whole of The Mosaic.

For more information on the work Beth Tiger is doing, please go to these websites:

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