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Ep 010: Swarm Intelligence with Louis Rosenberg, PhD.

[podcast src=”” width=”100%” height=”90″ scrolling=”no” class=”podcast-class” frameborder=”0″ placement=”top” use_download_link=”use_download_link” download_link_text=”Download Episode!” primary_content_url=”″ theme=”custom” custom_color=”000000″ libsyn_item_id=”10032179″ /]Louis Rosenberg, PhD probably doesn’t even know that he is one of my heroes. When I first found out about the work he is doing (see Unanimous.AI), it was exactly what I had envisioned for The Mosaic Swarm (A Dollar A Month Club that will one day solve problems that should no longer exist).

This is a MUST LISTEN TO podcast. It is essential for anyone wanting to know about The Mission of The Mosaic to hear this conversation as well as for anyone who wants to get past the gridlock of government and business to find a new paradigm for decision making that is as old as time.

Read of his work in these two paragraphs taken from the Unanimous.AI website, About Us page:

Unanimous AI amplifies the intelligence of networked human groups, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, assessments, decisions, evaluations, and insights. Using AI algorithms modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence, our award-winning Swarm® platform empowers business teams to quickly maximize their combined wisdom and converge on optimized solutions.

At Unanimous AI, we believe people are smartreally smart.In fact, we believe the most important database on the planet is the diverse knowledge, wisdom, and insights housed within the billions of human minds distributed around the globe. Every one of us has over a million gigabytes between our ears, and we are continuously interacting with our environment, testing our hypotheses, reevaluating our assumptions, and updating our vast data-stores. It’s incredible.
And yet, most AI companies are focused on replacing people with automated algorithms, supplanting human wisdom with oversimplified data-sets. To us, this is a misguided approach, especially for problems that have a human component. Instead of replacing people with AI, our mission is to connect people with AI, enabling networked groups to collaborate in real-time as super-intelligent systems, working to harness our combined knowledge, experience, insights, and intuitions in highly efficient and optimized ways.
Most powerful moment for Danny:
That moment in our conversation where I realised the technology already exists to allow the Mosaic Swarm to gather data and finance the solutions to problems that have no place existing in our world any more. Problems like Homelessness, Hunger, Education, Medical Care, Global Warming, Clean Drinking Water, Sex Trafficking, Equality and Slavery.
Contact Information:
Website: Unanimous.AI
             : Swarm.AI

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