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Ep 009: Overcoming Adversity with Iyanla Vanzant

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FAVORITE THING TO DO AS A KID: write and talk and eat.
I always had active imagination because I am clairaudient. But I wasn’t supported in that. I heard thing when people spoke that they didn’t say and when I would speak what I heard, it would freak the big people out. . . . and I would get a pop in the mouth and get punished.

My grandmother was a native American who grew up in the south and pretended to be black because the discrimination was easier if you were black than Native American. That was the switch, the spare the rod, spoil the child mentality that was prevalent in the south so we got beat.

I wasn’t raised I grew up. All children need system, structure, and order. They need a system to grow up in, they need that system to be ordered so that they can govern it for themselves and they need structure for how to make the system work. I didn’t have them. I was never taught them.

Iyanla’s tumultuous beginning and her attempted suicide.
“I just wanted to stop hurting. I knew I could live pain free.”

I had to kill Rhonda. That was my birth name. She is the one who was abused and beaten; she had to die. Our name is our nature, every time people call your name, they reeducate your spirit about its purpose and mission. What you attach to that name become your mission. Rhonda didn’t have baggage, she had engraved luggage.

it isn’t that the issues are specific to a culture, it is how the culture experiences the issues. when I would g to my white friend homes and they would call their mother by their first names or talk disrespectfully, that would make my black fall off.

We look for people who look like us, because we don’t trust each other, and so people who look like me will come to me before they will come to someone like you.

I speak to the place where we are all woman; a woman with broken heart is a not blacker white, she is a woman with a broken heart, a woman who lost her breast to cancer is a woman who in dealing with cancer, a woman who has lost a child or an addicted relative is a woman dealing with loss. There are places in the heart where woman come together and stand for each other as woman, that’s where I speak too.

I ask men questions. I do not know what it is like to be a man, but I do know about fatherless sons, but I do know about men’s inadequacies, I do know about how man wlll look to their ego not their heart. the pain is the pain is the pain. I speak to that pain.

Of all things you have taught and seen, what is the one thing you would share:
“Give yourself permission to enjoy your favorite ice cream. I can procrastinate, I can avoid, I can struggle, what I am not going to do is fail, instead of making everything so hard, just eat some ice cream and enjoy it, and let that joy take you forward.

Is this the world you dream of handing to future generations?
No. I want to hand over to my children a world where people can tell the truth, listen to the truth and not get prosecuted for it.
We need to develop a close intimate relationship with the God of your understanding. God will never lie to you and follow what you are told. Trust that relationship and spend time in that relationship.

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