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Conversations with Strangers feat.Briana Bowley

Conversations with Strangers feat.Briana Bowley
Briana is a personal freedom coach who helps people express self freedom because as a kid she didn’t feel like she could do this. she felt she had to change herself to fit into boxes that are not who you are.
i loved the honestly of her answers and how her purpose in life emerged from helloing others have what she hadn’t had.
we spoke about:
the moment that she changed and what happened to allow her to do so
taking your power back
the courage to find your own life
feeling trapped by whom
what happens when the adversary is ourselves
the comfort of the known
when will the fear of the unknown be less than the pain of the known
the identity of the smart one
why we try so hard to fit into a world we feel we don’t fit into groundhog day and variety
everything is the way it is supposed to be and being a personal freedom coach
my transformation for great with knight to mosaic piece
and a whole lot more . . .
listen to this podcast and hear how our discussion evolves.
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