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The Ikigaia Podcast with Kathleen Hamilton feat. Daniel Bruce Levin

Episode 014: How Listening Will Change Your Life & Give It Meaning with Daniel Levin
You’ve heard us talk about how to find purpose and live a meaningful life several times in the last few episodes. But…what is the definition of purpose, anyway? Is there more than one? How can we start acting purposefully?
Today I am joined by the visionary, author, and story-teller, Daniel Bruce Levin.
Daniel’s journey to purpose has seen many facets throughout his life. From holding a high-level corporate title to being a monk to becoming an author, this wonderful empath has managed not only to find his purpose but also to shift and adapt in response to the life changes he has experienced in the process.
During this conversation, Daniel delights us with some beautifully illustrated stories of what his life purpose looks like.
He explains how the core of his purpose is to listen and understand how people feel, to make them feel valued and heard regardless of their life situations, and to allow them to build connections without feeling judged.
We delve into the different stages of connection, the reason we can’t feel intimacy with others, the importance of knowing ourselves, how different our world would be if we only listened, and much more!
This episode is an invitation to practice being present, an opportunity to be mindful of our words, thoughts, and actions. And ultimately, an exhortation to finding and fulfilling your purpose in life by being kind and loving to each other.
Things you will learn in this episode:
What conscious listening is.
Why being present makes space for better understanding.
The three things all humans crave.
The difference between hearing and listening.
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