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i have been thinking lately
about how unconsciously i live my life
it is almost like i am a robot at times
just doing what is in front of me without thinking
without choosing, without deciding what i want to do.

it feels like the cart is driving the horse.
i have grown so used to my routine
so “comfortable” in it’s momentum
that now in order to do something different,
i must not only change what i do,
but stand up to the momentum my routine has brought with it.

change takes courage.
it is not like i am happy in the way of this routine,
but it is familiar and as much as i thought i like change,
i have realised i like familiar more.
it feels comfortable
er, it feels familiar.
it is why i eat the things that i like,
it is why i do the things that i do
familiar brings comfort,
and comfort resists change
i.e. the comfort zone.

there is that saying,
the magic happens just outside your comfort zone.
i am ready for some magic, how about you?
want to join me?
i will meet you in the space right outside our comfort zones.
i am headed there now

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