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why do we feel the opinions and thoughts of others

are more important than our own?

why do we think the answers to the things we need

are outside of us rather than inside of us.

why do we live outside in, rather than inside out.


and all the noise of the world  seduces us

further and further away from ourselves.

increasing our insecurity and our feeling that we are not good enough.


the way of living outside in life is the way most people teach,

and it makes sense as they tell us there is no need to reinvent the wheel

just do what other successful people have done and you will be successful.

they are right.

if you do what others do to make money, you will make money.

if you follow the fitness program others follow, you will be fit.

I do not challenge that.

I challenge the fulfillment and contentment that comes from that way of life

not because it is a mental challenge

but because in the people I have seen, people I have worked with

they are not fulfilled or content.

you will arrive at whatever destination you choose.

why not choose to be yourself? to live from inside out.

to know yourself allow the world to know you, experience you and feel you.


as much as The Mosaic has taught me that we are all connected,

that we are more beautiful together

smarter together

powerful together;

it has also taught me the importance of being piece.

after all a mosaic is made up of many pieces

each of them unique and different

and it is the diversity of these pieces that makes the mosaic beautiful.


the value that comes when we truly know ourselves,

when we no longer hide behind walls of inauthenticity

and show up completely present and vulnerable;

when we know our purpose,

why we were created, and why we are here now;

we walk with a different set of legs

and come from a place very few know.

this way of life changes the life we are living.


know piece, live inside out.

for when we live outside in, there is no peace

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