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The MOSAIC SWARM ( A Dollar A Month Club)

A couple days ago, I heard Eve Pearlman’s Ted Talk for the first time (see link below).
I immediately reached out to her to see if she would be a guest on my podcast
and we will be speaking soon to meet each other.

What excites me is that what she is speaking of here is completely in sync with what i am wanting to create
with The MOSAIC SWARM (A Dollar A Month Club).

I am so excited to speak with her and see how we can work together
to create places both virtual and real where people all across the world can come together
to hear what people who do not think like us believe and why.
to gather ideas
to use amazing technology
(another Podcast guest will share his work on Swarm Intelligence)
and to use the money we collect to finance solutions we all believe are possible.

This all happens by bringing together people who are functioning alone
and creating the collective mind of we the people.

I am so excited to launch this, to find people who are doing amazing things
to bring them together and to build The Mosaic
by bringing individual pieces coming together to create something magnificent.

Extraordinary things happen when Extra Ordinaries come together.
We were never meant to figure out life on our own.
We are connected. All of us are connected.
Those who agree and those who don’t agree
we are all part of this glorious Mosaic.
It is time for us to understand that we are way more similar
than we are different.
underneath all of the superficial differences
we are all the same. we want the same thing.
we all want to be listen to and heard ,
validated and acknowledged,
loved and accepted.

And we can give this to one another.
We do not need college degrees,
nor do we need to practice a certain religion,
we don’t need the support of a political party,
nor live within a certain border.

All we need to do is open our hearts
and listen to each other.
Who knows where the solution will come from?
What we do know is this:
if we continue doing what we are doing, nothing will change.

For more information about The MOSAIC SWARM (A Dollar a Month Club)
please reach out to me through a comment below
or email a message to me.

Do you want to help create this?
Are you someone or do you know people:
who can create the systems to house 1 billion members
who can fund it to get it started
who can bring unique minded people together in your area

If building The Mosaic of the world excites you, CONTACT ME.

click here to buy The Mosaic on Amazon, go to:

RESOURCE: LINK.MEDIUM.COM Bringing Real Human Connection Back to JournalismDelivering the Gospel of Dialogue Journalism at TED Talks

Look for more on The MOSAIC SWARM Club coming soon.

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