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In, my book, The Mosaic, Mo’s father appears to him after his death and says, “Mo, remember nothing is as it seems.” These 6 words changed the way Mo saw life and if you allow them, they will change the way you see life too. Let me continue by sharing another part of The Mosaic with you.
One of the unspoken revelations of The Mosaic that comes alive to me in the story, is that things can speak. I am not just talking about animate beings (people and animals), I am talking about inanimate things like the stars and wind and the shoes he is wearing and the mirror in the mirror store. When I first wrote it, I thought nothing of it, after all, it is a fable, and these things happen in fables.
But the more I sat with it, the more I wondered, ‘What would the world say to me if I was willing to listen? And I started to hear it say, “Just like every human being wants to be listened to, I want to be heard too.”
It went on to ask, “What do you believe about me? Do you believe you I am a benevolent world, where everything that occurs, happens to show you love and support?  Or do you believe I am a malevolent world where I am operating against you? That one answer will determine the world we create together.”
“If I am a benevolent world,  
everything happens for you.                            .
we are one.
we live together in peace.
we operate in Mosaic Mind.
we help each other.
we live in open spaces.
If I am a malevolent world,
everything happens to you.
we find only differences.
we live only as piece.
we live in singular mind.
we fight each other.
 we protect ourselves in silos.”
“Which of my worlds do you live in and how does the world you choose to live in affect the way you do business, the interactions you have with your family, your values (be they religious, political or social),  and the way you view people who are different from you?”
“When you feel stuck, why do you never talk to me? I could help you. I am the answer already in your question, but you never talk to me. Have you ever asked the project you are working on, what it wants? What it needs to move forward?”
I had this happen to me when writing The Mosaic. Every time I wrote something,  I would somehow lose it on my computer. It was only when I stopped writing what I wanted the characters to say and asked them what they were trying to tell me, that stories of The Mosaic were written.
The Mosaic has invited me to connect to a benevolent world. To speak with it and listen to it in the same way I have conversation with those I love. Remember, things are not what they seem. The world IS alive. All beings, be they sentient or non-sentient, want the same thing. We all want to be loved and accepted; listened to and heard and acknowledged and validated. When we realise this and listen to the world, the world changes.

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