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Ep 025 Lifebook with Jon Butcher

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Aug 22, 2019

Our purpose is to create the highest possible quality of life we can, for ourselves and the people we love, while helping others around us do the same.” Jon Butcher


I had the great pleasure of sitting together on numerous occasion with Jon and his beautiful wife Missy. They were kind enough to have us stay at their home when we took the amazing Lifebook Program. Just talking to Jon again on this podcast re-inspired me to look at my life as a Mosaic. by integrating each of the 12 categories of Lifebook together to build the life I want to live.

While taking Lifebook, I had amazing breakthroughs and then returning home, I got caught back up in the day to day of my life, but the beauty of Lifebook is that the truths uncovered remain and now as i go back into it, i am recharged and re-inspired. They believe so much in the Lifebook Program that if you complete the online program, they refund your money. It is free with accountability. To sign up, go to:


Here are some of the things we discussed in the Mosaic Podcast:

A Transparent Confession: I gave Jon the right to edit out of this podcast anything that didn’t feel right, but not a word was changed.

Jon is an artist and he came from a family that struggled to be successful and grew up poor, but then after decades, monetized their craft to become one of the most successful commercial artist in history of the world, with his company Precious Moments.

The determination and commitment it takes to achieve success.

How persistence is the most essential quality an entrepreneur can have in order to succeed.

How to know when to be persistent and when to give up. How do you know when to pull the plug and when to bear down and push through it?

Hear how Jon’s story exemplifies that where you are at any point in time in only where you are at that point in time.

How, Jon’s soul mate Missy, kept the vision of Lifebook alive when Jon thought a couple fo times to give up on it.

Passion, purpose and the full circle of your life.

How when you build your life as a Mosaic, that is inclusive of all of the parts of your life, when you make a change in one area, your whole life changes.

His friend’s advice about how important it is to give back, especially when you have gone through something hard and you have the answers to help others get through it in their life.

A gift that works every time for every person.

The shift to allow someone else to help you and the shift from stagnant to successful.

If something isn’t working, do some thing different.

Opportunities come in the form of people. How the partnership with Vishen of Mindvalley completely changed his business. He was brilliant in all the ways we had gaps.

The discovery of Lifebook and a story very few people know.

The 12 categories of Lifebook

What it is and how it works

The 4 critical questions you ask yourself across all 12 categories.

The real power behind the integrated Lifebook system that allows you to change.

The Lifebook Assessment

To learn more, listen to this podcast here now

or on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-025-lifebook-with-jon-butcher/id1465338321?i=1000447485125



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many years ago,
the rebbe pulled me aside
and told me he wanted me to understand
the difference between being honest and being truthful.
i was perplexed.
but he continued saying,
“what does it mean to be honest?”
to explain, he shared with me  the following story.
“a man was away all day at work and when he came home, he told his wife
i thought about you almost every moment of the day
except for about 20 seconds when this beautiful woman walked by.
she was gorgeous and i couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

what do you think his wife heard?
do you think she heard that for 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 40 seconds
all he could do was think of her.
or do you think she heard the 20 seconds?.
the 20 seconds, right?
well that is what happens when we are only truthful.

honesty is that he come home and says,
“baby, i love you so much,
i thought about you almost every moment of the day today
and the thought of you made me so happy.”
what do you think his wife feels now?

perhaps it is because i have been truthful so much in my life
that this story hit home.
why do we spend so much of our time thinking only of the 20 seconds?

i used to judge a whole religion, because of a few.
i would look in the mirror and see my flaws rather than my strengths
i remember vividly the moments i made a mistake,
rather than the life that i have lived gloriously.
do you do this too?

if so, you must get yourself a BeKind2U Bracelet
and do the @1 Day BeKind2U Challenge (see that page on my website)

here is my promise to myself
and because we are all connected in the beautiful mosaic of life
here is my promise to you as well.
i will be honest with myself rather that truthful
i will allow all of my moments to make up my present
i will see the beauty of the whole rather the broken pieces that make up the mosaic

when we meditate on mondays together at 5:55pm California Time
let’s remember our world is amazingly beautiful
and the vast, vast, vast majority of the people living here
are kind and loving and want to live in peace.

when we pray for each other
lets pray that we see each other honestly
not the 20 seconds
but the 23 hours, 59 minutes, 40 seconds
that make up who we are on a day to day basis.

we are all one mosaic,
one exquisite piece of art
made up of all of our moments
what will we focus on,
the necessary parts on the mosaic that are filled with darkness
or the totality of the mosaic that makes us light.
i know which one i choose. how about you?